Czech Republic

The most beautiful castles of the Czech Rep.

The best of the castles in the Czech Republic

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The most beautiful castles of the Czech Rep.
Updated: 20.10.2021
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The Czech Republic is famous for hundreds of castles and ruins guarding former major trade routes and towns. The most beautiful, the most impressive and the most significant of them are in this list. The most famous of them is the Prague Castle, although it differs from the classic concept and the typical appearance of the castle.

Prague Castle

The most famous castle in the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 255 m / 837 ft

The most famous Prague sight is undoubtedly the monumental complex of the Prague Castle, lying over the… continue reading

Karlštejn Castle

The most important Czech castle

| Altitude: 305 m / 1 001 ft

Karlštejn Castle located in the heart of picturesque Czech Karst is considered to be the most important Czech… continue reading

Pernštejn Castle

The most beautiful Moravian castle

| Altitude: 401 m / 1 316 ft

Pernštejn Castle, being an architectural jewel in the forests of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Is often… continue reading

Kost Castle

The most beautiful castle of Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 310 m / 1 017 ft

The monumental Gothic Castle Kost is towering above the line of three picturesque valleys. Kost is one of the… continue reading

Bouzov Castle

The most beautiful castle in Central Moravia

| Altitude: 422 m / 1 385 ft

Bouzov Castle dates back to the 14th century, which has acquired today's romantic appearance at the turn of… continue reading

Křivoklát castle

One of the oldest Czech castles

| Altitude: 280 m / 919 ft

Křivoklát Castle is one of the oldest and most beautiful Czech castles. Typical is its large white tower,… continue reading

Loket Castle

An impressive castle over the river Ohře

| Altitude: 417 m / 1 368 ft

Loket is a Roman-Gothic castle from the first half of the 13th century. It hovers over the river Ohře in the… continue reading

Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov

Czech Castle on UNESCO list

| Altitude: 497 m / 1 631 ft

With its area of over 6 hectares, the State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov is the second largest castle and… continue reading

Landštejn Castle

An amazing castle in South Bohemia

| Altitude: 647 m / 2 123 ft

Landštejn is one of the most monumental castles in the Czech Republic. It was built in previously… continue reading

Hukvaldy Castle Ruins

One of the largest castle ruins in Moravia

| Altitude: 464 m / 1 522 ft

In the picturesque countryside of Podbeskydí you will find one of the largest ruins of the castle in the… continue reading

Rábí Castle

The most massive Czech castle

| Altitude: 508 m / 1 667 ft

Rábí Castle is considered to be the most massive Czech castle. Generally known became because here the famous… continue reading

Bezděz Castle

Castle of the famous King Přemysl Otakar II.

| Altitude: 604 m / 1 982 ft

One of the most interesting castles of the Czech Republic – Bezděz Castle – is situated on the high hill… continue reading

Český Šternberk Castle

The most beautiful castle in Posázaví

| Altitude: 346 m / 1 135 ft

Directly above the Sázava River, the mighty Gothic castle of Český Šternberk is located. Thanks to several… continue reading

Sovinec Castle

Guardian of Nízký Jesenik

| Altitude: 487 m / 1 598 ft

In a very scenic landscape of Nízký Jeseník mountain range you will find a very nice castle Sovinec. This… continue reading

Helfštýn Castle

Famous castle on the edge of the Moravian Gate

| Altitude: 381 m / 1 250 ft

Helfštýn Castle was built in the 13th century and its owner was the nobleman Frius of Linnaeus. The castle is… continue reading

Kokořín Castle

A castle hidden in Kokorinsko

| Altitude: 297 m / 974 ft

The picturesque Kokořín Castle is hidden in the woods right in the center of the Kokořínsko protected… continue reading

Zvíkov Castle

Castle over the dam

| Altitude: 361 m / 1 184 ft

Zvíkov Castle is picturesquely built over the Orlík Dam at the confluence of the Vltava River and Otava. He… continue reading

Choustník Castle

A castle that Hussites were afraid of

| Altitude: 552 m / 1 811 ft

The castle was founded in 1262. After 1420 he changed several owners when the castle Příběnice was demolished… continue reading

Točník Castle

The younger brother of Žebrák Castle

| Altitude: 417 m / 1 368 ft

Točník Castle is undoubtedly one of the largest castles in the Czech Republic. With the Žebrák castle, it… continue reading

Trosky Castle Ruins

Symbol of the Czech Paradise

| Altitude: 488 m / 1 601 ft

The ruin Trosky (“The Ruins”) ( 488 m asl) situated on two basalt knobs Baba (“The Old Lady”) and Panna … continue reading

Litice Castle

A place with a clean night sky

| Altitude: 419 m / 1 375 ft

In the beautiful landscape of eastern Bohemia on the river Divoká Orlice, is located the castle of Litice.… continue reading

Helfenburk Castle Ruins

Romantic ruin

| Altitude: 309 m / 1 014 ft

A romantic ruin located in the Central Bohemian Mountains next to the Milesovka Mountain. The castle was… continue reading

Lipnice nad Sázavou Castle

Jaroslav Hašek Castle

Altitude: 594 m / 1 949 ft

Lipnice nad Sázavou became famous for its native Jaroslav Hašek, the author of novels about the good soldier… continue reading

Sternberk Castle

Beautiful castle above Hana

| Altitude: 300 m / 984 ft

Šternberk Castle, located in the town of the same name, can be considered the guardian of Haná. The most… continue reading

Veveří State Castle

Stone seat above Svratka

| Altitude: 273 m / 896 ft

It is one of the largest castle complexes in the Czech Republic, which was built gradually during almost… continue reading

Nové Hrady Castle

Guardian of the Novohradské Mountains

| Altitude: 507 m / 1 663 ft

In the town of Nové Hrady you will find the castle of the same name. He guarded the busy trade route, so in… continue reading

Okoř Castle Ruins

The famous Castle Ruins Near Prague

| Altitude: 273 m / 896 ft

Castle ruins Okoř is just outside of Prague and is a frequent destination for hikers as well as cyclists.… continue reading

Frýdštejn Castle Ruins

The most romantic ruin of Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 475 m / 1 558 ft

The ruin of Frýdštejn Castle is far from recognizable thanks to the large circular tower standing on the… continue reading

Ruins of Castle Valečov

Symbiosis of the castle and sandstone cl

| Altitude: 325 m / 1 066 ft

Ruins of Castle Valečov is a typical example of the ruins in the Boheamian Paradise. Local sandstone rocks on… continue reading

Hazmburk Castle Ruins

The most famous castle in the Central Highland

| Altitude: 386 m / 1 266 ft

The castle, which is a dominant of the area and which has several rumors. He is well known for his two towers… continue reading

Pecka Castle

Guardian of the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 442 m / 1 450 ft

Above the town of Pecka you will find a castle of the same name on the hill. Only the walls of the original… continue reading

Ruins of Kumburk Castle

Great view of the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 642 m / 2 106 ft

The ruins of Kumburk Castle situated on the hill of the same name Kumburk (642 meters above sea level) is a… continue reading

Gutštejn Castle Ruins

The castle of all the wanderers

| Altitude: 424 m / 1 391 ft

Castle Gutštejn is located in the valley of the crystal clear Hadovka River. A castle that successfully… continue reading

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