The most beautiful churches in Europe

The best of churches and cathedrals in Europe

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The most beautiful churches in Europe
Updated: 31.10.2021

In Europe you will find the most magnificent and most beautiful Christian churches and cathedrals all over the world. The most important buildings were built here mainly during the Gothic and Middle Ages. Come and see the most beautiful of them

Mont Saint Michel

The second most visited place in France

| Altitude: 42 m / 138 ft

Mont Saint Michel is located in Normandy. This building stands on a granite island, which is washed by the… continue reading

St Peter's Basilica

Center of the Vatican

| Altitude: 27 m / 89 ft

St Peter's Basilica in Vatican is one of the largest churches in the world, and one of Rome's greatest… continue reading

St. Mary's Cathedral in Seville

The largest Gothic cathedral in the world

| Altitude: 20 m / 66 ft

St. Mary's Cathedral in Seville is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. Even more than the exterior of… continue reading

Saint Basil's Cathedral

Colorful temple at the southern end of Red Square

| Altitude: 147 m / 482 ft

In the places where the southern side of the Red Square decreases to the Moscow River, there are the colorful… continue reading

St. Mark's Basilica

The best example of Byzantine architecture

| Altitude: 2 m / 7 ft

St. Basil's Cathedral Mark is the main church and one of the most important monuments of Venice and Italy.… continue reading

Sacré Coeur

Basilica at the highest point in Paris

| Altitude: 125 m / 410 ft

Sacré Coeur is among the most impressive places in Paris. It stands on the summit of Montmartre. Sacré Coeur,… continue reading

Heddal Stave Church

The most beautiful church in Norway

| Altitude: 25 m / 82 ft

The Heddal Stavkirke (Stave Church) is considered to be probably the most beautiful wooden church in Norway.… continue reading

Notre Dame in Paris

The most visited cathedral in France

| Altitude: 34 m / 112 ft

Although not one of the largest cathedrals in France is the most visited. Its construction began in 1163 and… continue reading

Cologne Cathedral

The magnificent Gothic cathedral of St. Peter

| Altitude: 53 m / 174 ft

St. Peter's Cathedral, shortly the Cologne Cathedral, is a magnificent Gothic cathedral and the seat of the… continue reading

The Temple of Hagia Sofia in Kiev

Temple of Holy Wisdom

| Altitude: 194 m / 636 ft

The Orthodox Church together with its surroundings is one of the most famous monuments of Kiev. The… continue reading


Tallest Church in Iceland

| Altitude: 38 m / 125 ft

Hallgrímskirkja is a church in Reykjavik. With its height of 74.5 meters, it is one of the tallest buildings… continue reading

Ulm Minster

The Tallest Church of the World

| Altitude: 481 m / 1 578 ft

Ulm Minster is a Lutheran dome in the German city of Ulm, built in Gothic style. In the church sense, it is… continue reading

Holy Family

“Eternal“ building

| Altitude: 33 m / 108 ft

The Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família (Temple of the Holy Family) is located on the east… continue reading

Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow

The largest orthodox church in the world

| Altitude: 132 m / 433 ft

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior was built between 1839–1883 in honor of the victory of the Russians over… continue reading

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

The most important Austrian cathedral

| Altitude: 179 m / 587 ft

St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom) is one of Vienna's most dominant landmarks. Thanks to the almost 137… continue reading

Cathedral of St. Vitus

The most important cathedral of the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 251 m / 823 ft

Cathedral of St. Vitus is one of the most important church buildings in the Czech Republic. It is a distinct… continue reading

Cathedral of St. Stephen in Passau

The cathedral with the largest organs in Europe

| Altitude: 311 m / 1 020 ft

St. Stephen cathedral is located in the Domplatz Square between the Danube and the Inns rivers. It has three… continue reading

Notre Dame in Rouen

The largest cathedral in France

| Altitude: 17 m / 56 ft

There are many Notre Dame churches in France and some know only Notre Dame in Paris. The Notre Dame in Rouen,… continue reading

Dome of Our Lady Assumption

The magnificent cathedral next to Leaning Tower

| Altitude: 5 m / 16 ft

The Italian city of Pisa is famous for its „Leaning Tower“. But only few visitors know that the beautiful… continue reading

Moorish style

A unique building important for Christians and Muslims

Altitude: 108 m / 354 ft

The entire cathedral has a strange, a bit mysterious atmosphere due to its vastness and half-light. You will… continue reading

Church of St. Barbara

The most important building in Kutná Hora

| Altitude: 263 m / 863 ft

You can find the Church of St. Barbara in every picture from Kutná Hora. It is a beautiful Gothic building… continue reading

Cathedral of St. Paul

The seat of the Bishop of London

| Altitude: 16 m / 52 ft

This majestic Anglican Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of London and has stood here since the 17th… continue reading

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