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The most beautiful palaces of the Czech Rep.

The best of the chateaus of the Czech Republic

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The most beautiful palaces of the Czech Rep.
Inserted: 20.01.2018

The Czech Republic is renowned for its many fascinating castles and chateaus. We bring you the most beautiful ones on this list

Prague Castle

The most famous castle in the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 255 m / 837 ft

The most famous Prague sight is undoubtedly the monumental complex of the Prague Castle, lying over the… continue reading

Hluboká Castle

The most beautiful Czech chateau

| Altitude: 411 m / 1 348 ft

Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle is one of the most visited chateaus in the Czech Republic. It is located near… continue reading

Karlštejn Castle

The most important Czech castle

| Altitude: 305 m / 1 001 ft

Karlštejn Castle located in the heart of picturesque Czech Karst is considered to be the most important Czech… continue reading

Litomyšl Castle

The most beautiful Renaissance chateau

| Altitude: 354 m / 1 161 ft

Litomyšl Castle is an architectural gem in the style of the Italian Renaissance. Due to its uniqueness it is… continue reading

Pernštejn Castle

The most beautiful Moravian castle

| Altitude: 401 m / 1 316 ft

Pernštejn Castle, being an architectural jewel in the forests of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Is often… continue reading

Bouzov Castle

The most beautiful castle in Central Moravia

| Altitude: 422 m / 1 385 ft

Bouzov Castle dates back to the 14th century, which has acquired today's romantic appearance at the turn of… continue reading

Konopiště Castle

Chateau with the largest number of hunting trophie

| Altitude: 376 m / 1 234 ft

Konopiště is one of the most important cultural monuments in the Czech Republic. The Emperor also lived here.… continue reading

Kost Castle

The most beautiful castle of Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 310 m / 1 017 ft

The monumental Gothic Castle Kost is towering above the line of three picturesque valleys. Kost is one of the… continue reading

Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov

Czech Castle on UNESCO list

| Altitude: 497 m / 1 631 ft

With its area of over 6 hectares, the State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov is the second largest castle and… continue reading

Sychrov Castle

A unique example of Neo-Gothic

| Altitude: 385 m / 1 263 ft

The Sychrov Chateau is interesting because of its neo-Gothic style and a large park with fountains and… continue reading

Křivoklát castle

One of the oldest Czech castles

| Altitude: 280 m / 919 ft

Křivoklát Castle is one of the oldest and most beautiful Czech castles. Typical is its large white tower,… continue reading

Loket Castle

An impressive castle over the river Ohře

| Altitude: 417 m / 1 368 ft

Loket is a Roman-Gothic castle from the first half of the 13th century. It hovers over the river Ohře in the… continue reading

Mnichovo Hradiště Castle

The most beautiful chateau of Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 240 m / 787 ft

At the very end of Mnichovo Hradiště there is a beautiful Baroque castle, owned by the Waldstein family for… continue reading

Landštejn Castle

An amazing castle in South Bohemia

| Altitude: 647 m / 2 123 ft

Landštejn is one of the most monumental castles in the Czech Republic. It was built in previously… continue reading

Hradec nad Moravicí Castle

The most beautiful chateau of Silesia

| Altitude: 277 m / 909 ft

Originally a medieval castle, which with its time turned into an Empire castle and later a Neo-Gothic castle,… continue reading

Hukvaldy Castle Ruins

One of the largest castle ruins in Moravia

| Altitude: 464 m / 1 522 ft

In the picturesque countryside of Podbeskydí you will find one of the largest ruins of the castle in the… continue reading

Červená Lhota Castle

The most beautiful water castle in the Czech

| Altitude: 491 m / 1 611 ft

Červená Lhota is a beautiful Renaissance chateau in South Bohemia. The chateau is popular among visitors due… continue reading

Rábí Castle

The most massive Czech castle

| Altitude: 508 m / 1 667 ft

Rábí Castle is considered to be the most massive Czech castle. Generally known became because here the famous… continue reading

Jindřichův Hradec Castle and Palace

The third largest castle complex in the Czech

| Altitude: 470 m / 1 542 ft

Castle and Palace Jindřichův Hradec is really extensive. It is also considered the third largest in Czech… continue reading

Kačina Castle

The most beautiful Empire castle in the Czech

| Altitude: 226 m / 741 ft

Kačina Castle is located only 13 km from Kutna Hora. It is unique among the Czech castles – it is the most… continue reading

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