The most beautiful tours in Azerbaijan

Ascents to the highest mountains of Azerbaijan

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The most beautiful tours in Azerbaijan
Inserted: 20.11.2021
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The eastern tip of the Caucasus, which is not so high in this part, extends into Azerbaijan. Even so, you will find several mountains higher than 4,000 meters above sea level. The best tours and the highest mountains of Azerbaijan can be found around the interesting mountain village of Xinaliq in the Shahdag National Park

Ascent to Bazardüzü (4466 m asl)

Ascent to the highest mountain of Azerbaijan

| Altitude: 4 438 m / 14 560 ft

The highest mountain in Azerbaijan on the border with Russia is a bit of a secret dream of travelers, mainly… continue reading

Ascent to Mount Babadag (3609 m above sea level)

Holy mountain of Azerbaijani Muslims.

| Altitude: 3 600 m / 11 811 ft

The holy mountain of Azerbaijani Muslims offers views in all directions, including views of the highest peaks… continue reading

Xinaliq Hike - View of Shahdagh

Ascent to the pass

| Altitude: 2 863 m / 9 393 ft

Xinaliq Trek – North Laza I .: The first part of the two-day trek from Xinaliq to North Laza will take you… continue reading

Descent through the valley to Lazy

Hike with views of the highest mountains of Azerbaijan

| Altitude: 2 568 m / 8 425 ft

Trek Xinaliq – North Laza II .: The second part of the two-day trek from Xinaliq to North Laza you will just… continue reading

Trip to Xinaliqu

The highest village in Azerbaijan

| Altitude: 2 176 m / 7 139 ft

Xinaliq (2,180 m above sea level) is considered one of the highest and longest inhabited villages in the… continue reading

Ascent to Mount Quzudosu (2224 m above sea level)

Ascent in the southern part of the main Caucasian ridge.

| Altitude: 1 253 m / 4 111 ft

Mount Quzudosu is one of the many 2,000-meter peaks around the mountain village of Lahic, located in the… continue reading

Ascent to Mount Niyal (2112 m above sea level)

Easy hike from the village of Lahic

| Altitude: 2 112 m / 6 929 ft

Mount Niyal is one of the options where to go from the village of Lahic and possibly acclimatize a bit before… continue reading

From Quby to Xinaliqu

An interesting journey through the foothills of the Caucasus

| Altitude: 1 955 m / 6 414 ft

Xinaliq was once one of the most isolated villages in the Caucasus, now a road to it has been built and is a… continue reading

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