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The most beautiful places in Europe
Inserted: 13.10.2017
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Check out the overview of the most beautiful places in Europe. It's an overview of beautiful natural wonders not monuments

Geiranger fjord

The most famous fjord of Norway

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Geiranger fjord is one of the most visited places in Norway. From nearly vertical rocky walls, many beautiful… continue reading


Lake with Matterhorn

| Altitude: 2 758 m / 9 049 ft

Riffelsee is the lake below the famous viewpoint of Gornegrat at an altitude of 2,757m asl. In good and… continue reading

Mountain ridge Arieiro-Ruivo

The most beautiful and highest mountain of Madeira

| Altitude: 1 794 m / 5 886 ft

The mountain ridge of the highest peaks of Madeira is one of the most beautiful mountain passages you can… continue reading

Lauterbrunnen Valley

The most beautiful valley of Switzerland

| Altitude: 788 m / 2 585 ft

The monumental Lauterbrunnen Valley and its surroundings are among the most beautiful places not only of… continue reading

Verdon canyon

Grand Canyon of Europe

| Altitude: 517 m / 1 696 ft

Verdon Canyon (Gorge du Verdon) is one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe. Verdon river here carved a… continue reading


The most beautiful village of Norway

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

The small village of Reine is considered to be the most beautiful village not only in Lofoten islands, but… continue reading

Mont Blanc

The highest mountain of the Alps, France and Italy

| Altitude: 4 810 m / 15 781 ft

Mont Blanc (the Italian Monte Bianco, translated as White Mountain, 4,810m above sea level) is traditionally… continue reading

Dettifoss waterfall

Europe's mightiest waterfall

| Altitude: 325 m / 1 066 ft

Waterfall Dettifoss (100 m wide, 44 m high) in river Jökulsá is most massive European waterfall. Only a few… continue reading

Grenzgletscher Glacier

A glacier from Monte Rosa

| Altitude: 3 019 m / 9 905 ft

The Grenzgletscher glacier is adjacent to Gornergletscher, Zwillingsgletsher, Schwärzegletscher. Together, it… continue reading

Masca Gorge

The most beautiful gorge in Tenerife

| Altitude: 558 m / 1 831 ft

Masca gorge is, after ascent of Pico del Teide, most famous tourist feat that you can take on Tenerife. Here… continue reading

Passo Sella

The most beautiful pass in the Dolomites

| Altitude: 2 240 m / 7 349 ft

Passo Sella (2 240m above sea level) is one of the most beautiful dolomite passes. It lies between two… continue reading

Adršpašsko teplické rocks

The most beautiful rock city in the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 544 m / 1 785 ft

Adrspach Teplice Rocks are the largest rock town in the Czech Republic. Rock towers reach a height of up to a… continue reading

Plitvice Lakes

The most famous lakes of Europe

| Altitude: 523 m / 1 716 ft

Plitvice Lakes are the most famous national park in Croatia. You will find here beautiful lakes, wonderful… continue reading

Giant's causeway

The greatest natural wonder of Northern Ireland

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Giant's Causeway, volcanic organ that lead to the sea. It is the largest natural and tourist attraction in… continue reading

Cliffs of Moher

The most massive cliffs of Ireland

| Altitude: 170 m / 558 ft

Cliffs of Moher, two hundred meters high cliffs, are among the most beautiful coastal passages in Europe. The… continue reading

Lookout May

The best known Czech river viewpoint

| Altitude: 401 m / 1 316 ft

The most famous and beautiful view of the Vltava River is the May viewpoint, where you can see the beautiful… continue reading

Krimml Falls

Austria's most magnificent waterfall

| Altitude: 1 490 m / 4 888 ft

Krimml Falls is a three-tier high waterfall of total high of 380 meters. Especially in spring, when snow… continue reading

Via Mala Gorge

A place that humbles the power of the wa

| Altitude: 826 m / 2 710 ft

Via Mala is located near the town of Zillis. In earlier times, it served as an access road to the Alps. Her… continue reading


Active stratovolcane in the Tyrrhenian S

| Altitude: 924 m / 3 031 ft

Stromboli is a small island lying in the Tyrrhenian Sea, consisting of a volcano of the same name, still… continue reading

Volcano Pico de Teide

The highest mountain in Spain

| Altitude: 3 718 m / 12 198 ft

The Canary Islands belong more to Africa than Europe, and although there is the highest mountain of Spain –… continue reading

Pravčická brána

The largest sandstone arch in Europe

| Altitude: 441 m / 1 447 ft

Pravčická brána is one of the largest natural attractions in the Czech Republic. It is the largest sandstone… continue reading

Súľovské Rocks

The famous Slovak rock town

| Altitude: 816 m / 2 677 ft

Suľovské skaly is located about 20 km southwest of the town of Žilina, in Súľovské vrchy. The highest point… continue reading

Los Gigantes cliffs

The largest cliffs of the Canary Islands

| Altitude: 443 m / 1 453 ft

One of the great attractions of Tenerife are more than 500 meters high cliffs of Los Gigantes – Giants. The… continue reading

Finstaler lake

The most beautiful dam in Austria

| Altitude: 2 330 m / 7 644 ft

Lake Finstertaler is a typical mountain dam with a small hydroelectric power plant. However, it is… continue reading

El Chorro Gorge

The most interesting gorge of Spain

| Altitude: 250 m / 820 ft

El Chorro gorge is one of the most interesting and most beautiful gorges in Spain. Throughout the gorge trail… continue reading

Jökulsárlón lagoon

Ice beauty

| Altitude: 130 m / 427 ft

Jökulsárlón is the largest lagoon of its kind in Iceland. It was created by the melting of the… continue reading

Durdle Door

Famous rock arch on the Jurassic Coast

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Perhaps the most beautiful part of the English coast are snowy white cliffs near Lulworth town. The most… continue reading

Skogafoss waterfall

Iceland Waterfall curtain

| Altitude: 100 m / 328 ft

Skogafoss belongs to most photographed Icelandic waterfall, where water falls from former offshore cliffs.… continue reading

Ordesa Canyon

The famous Pyrenean canyon

| Altitude: 1 656 m / 5 433 ft

The center of the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park is the beautiful Ordesa Canyon. You will find here the… continue reading

Latefossen waterfall

Double waterfall

| Altitude: 300 m / 984 ft

Waterfall Latefossen is not only beautiful, but also quite original and interesting. This waterfall is split… continue reading

Cabo de Gata

Southeastern outpost of Spain

| Altitude: 10 m / 33 ft

Cabo de Gata is a volcanic peninsula located at the very south-eastern end of Spain. There is a large… continue reading

Glacier Pasterze

The largest glacier in Austria

| Altitude: 2 500 m / 8 202 ft

More than eight kilometers long glacier Pasterze is not only the largest glacier in Austria, but also… continue reading

Cliffs at Bonifacio

The most beautiful cliffs of Corsica

| Altitude: 28 m / 92 ft

The ancient city of Bonifacio is renowned for its snow-white cliffs. You can see them from adjacent prospects… continue reading

Gibraltar Rock

Natural fortress

| Altitude: 426 m / 1 398 ft

Gibraltar Rock rises more than 400 meters above sea level. It is the symbol of Gibraltar. In the vicinity of… continue reading

Hoher Dachstein

The most famous Austrian mountain

| Altitude: 2 995 m / 9 826 ft

The Hoher Dachstein (2,995 m above sea level) is the highest peak of the Dachstein mountain massif and the… continue reading

Formentor Peninsula

The most beautiful part of Majorca

| Altitude: 169 m / 554 ft

The Formentor peninsula is one of the most beautiful mountain landscape in the Mediterranean. An interesting… continue reading

Aletschgletscher Glacier

Europe's largest glacier

| Altitude: 2 640 m / 8 661 ft

Aletschgletscher is the largest glacier in Europe, and in the Alps. It is 23 km long. It is located in the… continue reading

Lago di Garda

The most beautiful Italian lake

| Altitude: 62 m / 203 ft

Lake Garda is the largest and perhaps the most beautiful Italian lake. It was excavated by glacier. It is… continue reading

Rhonegletscher Glacier

Famous glacier under Furka Pass

| Altitude: 2 787 m / 9 144 ft

Thanks to its good availability, the Rhonegletscher glacier is among the most visited glaciers. Here you will… continue reading

Lake Bled

The most beautiful lake of Slovenia

| Altitude: 476 m / 1 562 ft

Lake Bled, located in the north of Slovenia, is most famous and beautiful lake in this country. Thanks to the… continue reading

Skradinski buk waterfall

The most beautiful Croatian waterfalls

| Altitude: 6 m / 20 ft

On the Krka river you will find a number of waterfalls, the most famous of which is Skradinski Buk, which… continue reading

Lago del Predil Lake

The largest lake in the Italian Julian Alps

| Altitude: 959 m / 3 146 ft

The beautiful Lake Lago del Predil (959m above sea level) is located in the Valle del Rio Valley. It is the… continue reading

Dune du Pyla

The highest dune of Europe

| Altitude: 59 m / 194 ft

In the west of France, next to the Bay of Biscay, you will find the highest dune of Europe – Dune du Pyla.… continue reading

Grande lagoon

The starting point for the Almanzor peak

| Altitude: 1 940 m / 6 365 ft

Directly below the highest peak of the Sierra de Gredos – Pico Almanzor (2 592 m) lies the beautiful Grande… continue reading

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