The highest tourist ascents

The highest mountains and passes without climbing equipment

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The highest tourist ascents
Inserted: 28.01.2017
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Many enthusiastic tourists are attracted by hikes that lead to high mountains or mountain passes, but do not have climbing ambitions or skills. We therefore bring you a list of very high mountains and mountain passes, where you climb without climbing equipment, ie purely by trekking. In Asia and South America, you can normally reach heights of over five thousand meters above sea level. There are also several relatively easily accessible six thousand peaks in the world.


The easiest six thousender in the world

| Altitude: 6 008 m / 19 711 ft

Volcano Uturuncu has two peaks and the main peak has slightly over six thousand meters above sea level.… continue reading

Ascent to Licancabur Volcano

The most beautiful volcano far and wide

| Altitude: 5 960 m / 19 554 ft

Everyone who stops at the famous lookout over Laguna Verde admires the reflection of the beautiful volcano… continue reading

Ascent to Uhuru

Final ascent to Kilimanjaro

| Altitude: 5 895 m / 19 341 ft

Ascent to Kilimanjaro IV: On the fourth day, the final ascent is finally waiting for you. It takes about ten… continue reading

Ascent to Kala Patthar

Gorgeous outlook to Everest

| Altitude: 5 648 m / 18 530 ft

Black Rock alias Kala Patthar is one of the most beautiful mountain outlook in the world. Especially during… continue reading

Hike across Gondogoro La pass

Climbing available for tourists

| Altitude: 5 625 m / 18 455 ft

Gondogoro trek 7: The most difficult part of the Gondogoro trek leads through the same pass bearing the same… continue reading

Ascent to Mismi volcano

At the confluence of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

| Altitude: 5 625 m / 18 455 ft

Trek to the source of the Amazon II .: The second day of the march to the source of the Amazon is the most… continue reading

Ascent Camp3 - Damavand peak

To the top of volcano Damavand

| Altitude: 5 610 m / 18 406 ft

Damavand is the highest volcano in Asia and also the highest mountain in Iran. Therefore, if you intend to… continue reading

Hike across Kongma la pass

Across The most beautiful pass in Khumbu

| Altitude: 5 528 m / 18 136 ft

Surprisingly not frequently walked shortcut from Lobuche to Chhukhung over Kongma la pass (5 528m asl.) with… continue reading

Hike across Thorong la pass

Long trek from Manang to Mustang

| Altitude: 5 416 m / 17 769 ft

The most challenging stage of the entire trek around Annapurnas leads across one of the highest „tourist“… continue reading

Ascent to Chacaltaya

Awesome view of Cordillera Real

| Altitude: 5 395 m / 17 700 ft

Mountain Chacaltaya (5 363 m asl) extending only 25 kilometers from the capital city of Bolivia La Paz, is… continue reading

Gokyo Ri

Interesting prospect not only on Everest

| Altitude: 5 357 m / 17 575 ft

Mountain Gokyo Ri is the second most famous tourist prospects in the Khumbu region (after Kala Patthar). You… continue reading

Cerro Tunupa

Volcano with blasted peak

| Altitude: 5 321 m / 17 457 ft

Cerro Tunupa (5 321 m asl) is a mountain of salar de Uyuni. It is visible almost from everywhere. It's a type… continue reading

Hike over the pass Kongmaru la

Amazing outlook point Kang Yatse

| Altitude: 5 276 m / 17 310 ft

Markha Trek 4:  The highest point of classic Markha trek is the pass Kongmaru la, over which passes the… continue reading

Hike Lagunas de Altura

On the way to three beautiful lagoons

| Altitude: 5 150 m / 16 896 ft

This beautiful and surprisingly not frequently walked hike around high-lying altiplano lagoons leads on both… continue reading

Larkya La Pass, 5106 m asl

Pearl on a trek around Manasl

| Altitude: 5 075 m / 16 650 ft

You can't miss Larke Pass if you go on a trek around Manasl. If you start in Arughat Bazaar, you will reach… continue reading

Ascent to Northern Alpamayo BC

Under the most beautiful mountain in Per

| Altitude: 5 025 m / 16 486 ft

Alpamayo BC trek 4: The longest, toughest and also the nicest „side“ trip at Alpamayo Base Camp trek is the… continue reading

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