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The most beautiful views of the Bohemian Paradise

The best views of the Bohemian Paradise

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The most beautiful views of the Bohemian Paradise
Inserted: 13.06.2020

Bohemian Paradise is a place where you will find dozens of amazing views – both from the tops of the local hills or lookout towers, as well as from the viewpoints in the rock towns. Let's take a look at the best trips to the viewpoints in the Bohemian Paradise

View from Kozákov

View from the highest mountain of the Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 744 m / 2 441 ft

Kozákov with its 744 meters above sea level is the highest point of the wider delimitation of the Bohemian… continue reading

Ascent to Veliš

Outlook of the Czech Paradise

| Altitude: 429 m / 1 407 ft

Veliš hill (429 m asl) is the best and surprisingly little forgotten outlook point to Jičín basin, the Czech… continue reading

The most beautiful places of Prachovské rocks

The best of Prachovské skaly

| Altitude: 396 m / 1 299 ft

Prachovské rocks are perhaps the most famous and most visited part of the Bohemian Paradise. You will find a… continue reading

The most beautiful places in Hruboskalsko

The best of Hruboskalsko

| Altitude: 338 m / 1 109 ft

Hruboskalsko as one of the most beautiful rock towns in the Czech Republic offers many interesting places.… continue reading

View from the lookout tower in Tábor

Great view of the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 678 m / 2 224 ft

At the eastern end of the long Ještěd-Kozák ridge stands the distinctive mountain Tábor (678 m above sea… continue reading

Ascent to Male

Ascent to the highest peak of Příhrazské rocks

Altitude: 437 m / 1 434 ft

The Mužský hill (463 m above sea level) is the highest point of the Příhrazské rocks. Up close, it is just an… continue reading

Ascent to Zebin

The most beautiful hill around Jicin

| Altitude: 399 m / 1 309 ft

Beautiful symmetrical hill Zebin (399 m asl) with interesting quarry and old chapel on the top dominates… continue reading

Ascent to Medenec

The peak above the Jizera canyon

| Altitude: 544 m / 1 785 ft

If the Rieger Trail is the most famous hike in the Semily region, then the Kamenický Trail is number two here… continue reading

Tour of Castle Trosky

Castle of two towers

| Altitude: 488 m / 1 601 ft

If you come to the Bohemian Paradise, visit of the castle Trosky is nearly obligations. Besides, it's such a… continue reading

View from Valdice tower

View from the landmark of the town

| Altitude: 305 m / 1 001 ft

52 m high Valdice tower not only dominates Wallenstein Square, but basically the whole Jičín. It is also a… continue reading

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