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The most beautiful trips in the Iron Mountains

The best of trips in the Iron Mountains

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The most beautiful trips in the Iron Mountains
Inserted: 10.05.2020

In the northwestern part of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands you will find a picturesque area of the Iron Mountains. Much of this area falls within the protected area of the same name. Let's take a look at the most beautiful trips that you can make here and in the vicinity

Visit of Slatinany

Gateway to Zelezne hory (“The Iron Mount

| Altitude: 330 m / 1 083 ft

Small town Slatinany situated on the river Chrudimka just a few kilometers south of Chrudim is famous by stud… continue reading

Pivnická rokle

The small gorge of Toulovcovy Maštály

| Altitude: 434 m / 1 424 ft

Pivnická Gorge is a 1.5 km long rock canyon near the village of Zderas. There is no hiking or nature trail.… continue reading

Vesely Kopec

Open-air museum in Vysocina region

| Altitude: 550 m / 1 804 ft

Vesely Kopec (lit. “Merry hill”) is a settlement of scattered interesting houses from 19th and 20th century… continue reading

Horky hill

Quarries near Skutče

| Altitude: 415 m / 1 362 ft

To the west of Skutče lies a hill called Horky. There is the largest area with flooded quarries. Some boast… continue reading

Zero ferata

Shilling's mine

| Altitude: 394 m / 1 293 ft

Šilinkův důl is located in the valley of the Krounka river in the Krounky and Novohradky Valley Nature Parks.… continue reading

Doubrava Valley

Czech Grand Canyon

| Altitude: 520 m / 1 706 ft

A unique canyon of the Doubrava river, which is located in the Vysočina region in the Železná hora Protected… continue reading

Polom forest in the heart of the Iron Mountains

Home of the greats

| Altitude: 616 m / 2 021 ft

The primeval forest is located in the very heart of the Iron Mountains. The forest is divided into two parts,… continue reading


A place where the screams hadn't stopped

| Altitude: 404 m / 1 325 ft

Lager, one of the villages affected by the cruelty of Nazi Germany. A village which was surrounded and burned… continue reading

NPR France

In a forest garden full of snowflakes

| Altitude: 550 m / 1 804 ft

This unique Czech is located near Ždírec nad Doubravou. Thanks to its flora, it grows on millions of these… continue reading

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