The most beautiful trips in Pakistan

What to visit and do in Pakistan

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The most beautiful trips in Pakistan
Inserted: 07.11.2021
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Pakistan as one of the most mountainous countries in the world with beautiful highland nature offers the most beautiful trips, hikes and treks mainly in the north of the country, where you will find the monumental mountains Karakoram and Himalayas. If you are interested in sights, the historic city of Lahore is definitely worth a visit. Let's see what to visit in Pakistan for sure

Gondogoro Trek

Trek into the heart of Karakoram

| Altitude: 5 625 m / 18 455 ft

One of the most impressive mountain areas of the world lies on both sides of Baltoro glacier. Mountain range… continue reading

By boat across the lake Attabad

Lake which killed

| Altitude: 2 360 m / 7 743 ft

Only eleven kilometers north of Karimabad is a beautiful turquoise lake, which came into existence in January… continue reading

Visit of Badshahi mosque

The most beautiful mosque of Mughal era

| Altitude: 219 m / 719 ft

If you are captivated by fairytale beauty of Mughal era, so you can visit one of its greatest treasures –… continue reading

Ascent to Ultars meadows

Ascent high above the valley of Hunza

| Altitude: 3 800 m / 12 467 ft

Ascent to Ultars meadows is the most popular day hike leading straight up above the narrow and steep canyon… continue reading

Hike to BC K2

Trek under the second highest mountain in the world

| Altitude: 5 079 m / 16 663 ft

The hike to BC under one of the world's most difficult mountains K2 in Karakoram is the most famous side trip… continue reading

Hike Passu - Lake Borit

Hike between two glaciers

| Altitude: 2 800 m / 9 186 ft

If you want to undertake a little more adventurous half-day hike in Passu, it is best to walk from the… continue reading

Trip to Deosai plains

Pakistani Tibet

| Altitude: 4 150 m / 13 615 ft

Favorite one day acclimatization trip from Skardu to Deosai plains will give you an idea about the life on… continue reading

Visit of Baltit Fort

The largest castle in the valley of Hunz

| Altitude: 2 444 m / 8 018 ft

Above the Old Town in Karimabad rises beautiful ancient castle – Baltit – the most formidable fortress in the… continue reading

Walk in Passu

Walk under the Passu Cathedral

| Altitude: 2 570 m / 8 432 ft

Along the Karakorum Highway a few kilometers behind Gulmit is located only a few scattered houses, mostly… continue reading

Visit of Skardu

Tourist mecca of Pakistan

| Altitude: 2 247 m / 7 372 ft

Skardu (2,247 m asl) – the centerpiece of Pakistan trekking and mountaineering is only a small dusty district… continue reading

visit of Fortress Kharphocho

Eagle's nest above Skardu

| Altitude: 2 340 m / 7 677 ft

Kharphocho fortress is the greatest attraction in Skardu mainly because of great outlook throughout the oasis… continue reading

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