Trip to Deosai plains

Trip to Deosai plains

Pakistani Tibet

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Favorite one day acclimatization trip from Skardu to Deosai plains will give you an idea about the life on the largest upland plateau in Pakistan, which is quite similar to that of Tibet. Even the way through the valley of river Hargisa around the lake Satpara is worth it. In addition, in the summer there is also the opportunity to get over Deosai plans alternatively to Astore below Nanga Parbat.  


Article: Drive to Deosai plains

The journey between two worlds

One of the most popular trips from Skardu is the drive to Deosai plains, often called as Pakistani Tibet. This upland plateau full of rounded ridges and flowering meadows in average heights over four thousand meters above sea level is a contrast to sharp peaks of Karakoram. Even the way through valley of river Hargisa is a wonderful experience with lots of beautiful views.

Article: Walk in surroundings of Deosai Top

To the edge of Pakistani Tibet

National park Deosai plains occupy the large upland plateau between the ridge of the Himalayas and Karakoram. If you want to explore this intriguing corner of the country and do not have time for a trek, an interesting option is then a trip by jeep from Skardu through the valley of river Hargisa to a place called Deosai Top. From there, you can make a short hike around the surrounding meadows and rounded hills.

Trips and treks on Deosai plains

  • The most popular stop during the crossing of Deosai plan is at lake Sheosar.
  • Popular trek is over Burji la pass. In the old days, when no road led to Skardu, it was practically the only way to get to Nanga Parbat region.

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