Trip to Skardu and surroundings

Trip to Skardu and surroundings

Preparation before Karakoram

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Overcrowding: Average
Difficulty: Gentle
Time: 3 Days

The vast majority of tourists take Skardu only as a temporary destination before desired trek in Karakoram and stay here as less as possible. But the town has very nice surroundings and it is possible to acclimate here before the heights that await you. Apart from the fort Kharphocho, a thousand-year-old Buddha carvings in the rock, lakes Satpara and Kachura you will definitely enjoy walks along Indus or a day trip to Deosai plains.  


Day 1

Arrival to Skardu

If you are not flying into Skardu over the Himalayan ridge with Nanga Parbat, then await you a long journey along the Karakorum highway. The last stage from Gilgit through the majestic canyon Rondu is really worth it. In the afternoon you can walk around the busy main bazaar and see the memorial of Yadgar.

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Beautiful way from Gilgit to Skardu

One of the most beautiful passages around the flow of Indus River is 150 km long canyon Ronda pushing its way through the massive walls of Karakoram. The river loses during its wild flow through the canyon nearly a kilometer of altitude. On the way you can see interesting bridges and cable railways across the river into green oases around its side tributaries, waterfalls and caves in which miners are looking for precious stones. Above all this protrude rock towers and glaciated giants. It is just great piece of wild nature. On the other hand, the path often suffers from rock slides after fierce downpours.

Article: Visit of Skardu

Tourist mecca of Pakistan

Skardu (2,247 m asl) - the centerpiece of Pakistan trekking and mountaineering is only a small dusty district town situated in a very broad valley at the confluence of Indus, Shigar and Hargisa river. The town is surrounded by five thousand high peaks that contribute to the local beautiful sceneries. It is an ideal starting point not only for trips to the High Karakoram, but also to interesting Deosai plains - also called as Pakistani Tibet.

Day 2

Points of interest near Skardu

The next day, take walks along the nearby Skardu – ascend to the fort Kharphocho, walk into a small museum of K2 with a nice view of Indus, set out to the confluence of Indus with Hargisa and finally to the old engravings of Buddha. 

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Eagle's nest above Skardu

Kharphocho fortress is the greatest attraction in Skardu mainly because of great outlook throughout the oasis of Skardu and its mountainous surroundings and also of the River Indus flowing here still lazily before it gets into wild Rondu canyon. The ascent to the fort is not very difficult. There are the remains of an ancient mosque in the fort.

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Walk through the oases of Hargisa

An interesting short trip in the west end of Skardu is a walk through green oasis along the river Hargisa to its confluence with Indus. Indus is here in early summer wide up to several hundred meters. Immediately behind the green oasis are small sand dunes, so you can extend this walk also here. In addition, you can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding mountains along the way.

Day 3

Trip to Deosai plains

Devote the third day to acclimatization and set out to the Pakistani „Tibet“ on Deosai plains. Staying at altitudes above four thousand meters will certainly help you in the early days of any trek in Karakoram area.

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Pakistani Tibet

Favorite one day acclimatization trip from Skardu to Deosai plains will give you an idea about the life on the largest upland plateau in Pakistan, which is quite similar to that of Tibet. Even the way through the valley of river Hargisa around the lake Satpara is worth it. In addition, in the summer there is also the opportunity to get over Deosai plans alternatively to Astore below Nanga Parbat.  

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