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Trek into the heart of Karakoram

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Gondogoro Trek
Inserted: 01.10.2014
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One of the most impressive mountain areas of the world lies on both sides of Baltoro glacier. Mountain range Karakoram is dominated here with the ridge Baltoro Muztag with the second highest mountain in the world – K2 (8,611 m asl). And right here leads Gondogoro trek (sometimes called Baltoro trek, K2 trek or Concordia trek). The starting point to the entire area is the provincial town of Skardu reachable not only by bus along Karakorum highway, but also by air from Islamabad. From there it is only a few hours away by jeep to the beginning or end of trek in Askole, or rather in Hushe. Unlike the „competitive“ area around Everest, which sometimes looks like a recreation place for retirees and where mass tourism abounds at every turn, it still has a nice expedition atmosphere here. The trip to Pakistan is worth even just because of the area around Baltoro glacier. From Askole it takes at least five days before arriving at fabulous place Concordia that is surrounded by lots of beautiful mountains and the best view of K2.

Day 1

Transfer to Askole

The first day awaits you long transfer through the valley of river Shigar, then through Braldu to Askole (3 045 m asl). Be sure to be acclimatized in the surroundings of Skardu beforehand. Askole itself is a small oasis below the mountains with a lively climbing life. Every local men wants to become a carrier, so there are sometimes also small scuffle with them.

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Day 2

Hike from Askole to camp Johla

The second day awaits you finally the start of the trek. You will hike about twenty kilometers, but gain only a hundred meters of altitude, so if the sky is clear, expect that it will be quite hot in the sun. Along the way you will pass the moraine of the glacier Biafo and trekking expeditions heading towards the pass Hispar and Snow lake will leave you here.

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Day 3

Hike from Johla to Paiyu

The third day awaits you another twenty kilometer long stage though arid, but picturesque valley surrounded by nice mountains. From Paiyu is already visible the moraine of Baltoro glacier, along which you will hike the forthcoming few days.

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Day 4

Walk from Paiyu to Urdukas

The fourth day is very long and grueling. You can expect endless walk on the glacier Baltoro covered with debris. On the other hand, around you will rise incredible Trango towers and everywhere will be a lot of picturesque glacial lakes. The camp Urdukas located high above the glacier is also an amazing outlook place.

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Day 5

Hike from Urdukas to Goro II

The fifth day awaits you a little less demanding portion of kilometers, about 12, but even though the walk to Goro II (4 325 m asl) takes almost seven hours. In addition, you will hike all day at height of more than four thousand meters above sea level. Just here you will appreciate the previous acclimatization. At the end of this stage you will enjoy the first beautiful view of the sunset over Gasherbrum.

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Day 6

Hike from Goro II to Concordia

This day awaits you another highlight of this trek – hike to Concordia surrounded by eight and seven thousand high mountains with a view of famous K2. A real paradise for hikers.

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Possible trips from Concordia

The most popular trip from Concordia is the K2 BC trek leading to the base camp below K2. One-day or two-day trip. A lesser known trip is the trek to BC Gasherbrum I (Hidden peak), via the Sharing campsite. A two-day trip.

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Day 7

Hike to Ali camp

From Concordia you can get back to Askole, or rather to Skardu along the same path (so-called Concordia trek or Baltoro trek) or choose more interesting way and cross the pass Gondogoro and walk down through the valley to Hushe. In this case you have to hike along the Vigne glacier in the direction of Ali camp lying at nearly five thousand meters above sea level.

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Day 8

Crossing the pass Gondogoro

The eighth day awaits you the greatest and most dangerous challenge of the entire trek – crossing of the pass Gondogoro la. You will be rewarded for the difficult ascend in the darkness along a steep glacier with the sunrise in the pass and views of one of the most beautiful peaks in the world Laila peak (6 096 m asl).

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Day 9

Descent to Hushe and return to Skardu

Last day of the trek awaits you continuation along the glacier Gondogoro to camp Shaitcho and on to Hushe. Here is the possibility to accommodate, but most of the tourists already want to get to Skardu the same day, so they usually set out for several hours lasting drive back with an interesting stop in Khaplu. In addition, it is possible to significantly extend the trek in these places for the ascents in the side valleys to:

  • BC Masherbrum
  • or BC K6 and K7
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