The most beautiful trips in Iran

What to see and experience in Iran

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The most beautiful trips in Iran
Inserted: 24.09.2020
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Thanks to its historic cities, Iran offers beautiful excursions in their historic centers. In addition, you can take beautiful trips and hikes to the local mountains and deserts. Let's see what is definitely worth a visit

Ascent of Mount Damavand

To the highest volcano in Asia

| Altitude: 5 610 m / 18 406 ft

The ascent of the highest Asia's volcano Damavand is the most famous and also the most frequently walked hike… continue reading

Tour of Esfahan

Walk in the tourist center of Iran

| Altitude: 1 575 m / 5 167 ft

Thanks to its sights, Esfahan is deservedly the main destination for foreign tourists in Iran. You will need… continue reading

Trip to Abyaneh

Trip to the beautiful mountain valley

| Altitude: 2 240 m / 7 349 ft

Red town Abyaneh (2 230 m asl) is hidden almost at the very end of a mountain valley falling about a… continue reading

Driving Tour

A new addition to UNESCO

| Altitude: 1 215 m / 3 986 ft

Driving one of the most beautiful places I have visited, located in the central part of Iran, was rightly… continue reading

Visit of Kharanaq

Well-preserved ruins of desert town

| Altitude: 1 765 m / 5 791 ft

If you are already in the desert Yazd, do not forget to go within one day trip also to very interesting ruins… continue reading

Tour of Meymandu

One of the oldest human settlements

| Altitude: 2 213 m / 7 260 ft

The village of Meymand is a short distance from Sharbabak, just off the road from Rafsanjan to Shiraz.… continue reading

Golestan Palace

The most important monument in Tehran


Golestan Royal Palace is one of the most interesting places you can visit in Tehran. More than the exteriors… continue reading

Visit of Chak Chak

The most sacred place of Zoroastrianism

| Altitude: 1 720 m / 5 643 ft

Chak Chak, the most sacred place of the ancient religion Zoroastrianism, lies hidden in the mountains… continue reading

Visit of Castle Hanjan

Guardian of two valleys

| Altitude: 1 547 m / 5 075 ft

Castle in Hanjan is located very tactically on promontory in places, where two fertile mountain valleys… continue reading

Drive Polour - Lake Lar

Amazing outlook of Damavand

| Altitude: 2 475 m / 8 120 ft

On the eastern side of the mountain Elborz is obviously the biggest tourist attraction the country's highest… continue reading

Visit of Castle Narin Qal'eh

The heart of historic Meybod

| Altitude: 1 110 m / 3 642 ft

In the center of the regional capital Meybod (1 100 m asl) /approx. 70 thsd in population/ stands the oldest… continue reading

Visit of Bazaar in Kashan

Persian classics

| Altitude: 940 m / 3 084 ft

Bazaar in Kashan is one of its greatest attractions. Not only because of hundreds of colorful shops, but also… continue reading

Visit of Palace Tabatabai

Good example of Persian architecture

| Altitude: 940 m / 3 084 ft

Magnificent palaces of prominent local families from the late 19th century belong also among the interesting… continue reading

A tour of Natanz

Iran Nuclear Center

| Altitude: 1 644 m / 5 394 ft

When talking about Iran's nuclear program, the word Natanz, which is a uranium enrichment plant, is often… continue reading

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