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The most beautiful trips from Mladá Boleslav

Where to go on a trip from Mladá Boleslav

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The most beautiful trips from Mladá Boleslav
Inserted: 03.02.2024
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From Mladá Boleslav you can go on a number of interesting trips. Even the city itself offers a nice historical walk, with the fact that you can also visit two interesting museums – the Škoda Auto Museum or the Metoděj Vlach Aviation Museum. From the city, you can go to the western part of the Bohemian Paradise or vice versa towards Bezděz and Kokořínsko, respectively the Mách region. Nearby is the beautiful castle in Mnichov Hradiště or the ruins of Michalovce.

A tour of Mladá Boleslav

A tour of the Old Town in Boleslav and its surroundings

Altitude: 210 m / 689 ft

Most tourists have an idea of Mladá Boleslav only as an industrial city with housing estates and few… continue reading

A tour of Mnichovo Hradiště Castle

The last resting place of Albrecht of Wallenstein

| Altitude: 240 m / 787 ft

Mnichovo Hradiště Castle is one of our rarest castles. Originally a Renaissance chateau, Václav Budovec from… continue reading

A tour of the ruins of Michalovice Castle

An interesting ruin above the Jizera

| Altitude: 237 m / 778 ft

At the northwestern end of Mladá Boleslav you will find an interesting ruin of the Michalovice castle above… continue reading

A tour of the Hradiště nad Jizerou Monastery

The headquarters of the Klášter brewery

Altitude: 253 m / 830 ft

Hradiště nad Jizerou Monastery is a small village just two kilometers west of Munich Hradiště. Basically, the… continue reading

A tour of Valečov and its surroundings

Rock castle and rooms

| Altitude: 320 m / 1 050 ft

One of the most interesting places to visit in Příhrazské skaly is the ruins of the rock castle Valečov.… continue reading

Excursion to the Čížovka observation tower

One of the most beautiful lookouts in the Bohemian Paradise

Altitude: 324 m / 1 063 ft

You can find the Čížovka observation tower at the southwestern end of the Bohemian Paradise. It is a bit off… continue reading

A tour of Bezděz Castle

Tour of the royal castle

| Altitude: 604 m / 1 982 ft

Bezděz Castle located on a high hill Velký Bezděz (604 m above sea level) is one of the most visited places… continue reading

Tour of Kokořín Castle

The heart of the Kokorin region

| Altitude: 299 m / 981 ft

The most visited place in the whole Kokořín region is undoubtedly the Kokořín castle, built on a sandstone… continue reading

A tour of Drábské světničky

Beautiful views from the rock castle

| Altitude: 375 m / 1 230 ft

A tour of the Drábská světnička rock castle is not exactly intended for those who have problems with steep… continue reading

Ascent to Male

Ascent to the highest peak of Příhrazské rocks

Altitude: 437 m / 1 434 ft

The Mužský hill (463 m above sea level) is the highest point of the Příhrazské rocks. Up close, it is just an… continue reading

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