The most beautiful trips and tours in Slovenia

What to do in Slovenia

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The most beautiful trips and tours in Slovenia
Inserted: 31.08.2020

Slovenia is a very attractive country for travelers thanks to the possibility to combine beautiful hikes in the limestone Alps with swimming by the sea. Let's see what all the interesting things you can do here

Ascent to Triglav

Ascent to the highest mountain in Slovenia

| Altitude: 2 864 m / 9 396 ft

Triglav (2,864 m above sea level) is the highest mountain in Slovenia and the entire Julian Alps. Several… continue reading

Slovenia via Austria and to jump to Italy

Family trip / also suitable for children /

| Altitude: 336 m / 1 102 ft

Austria – Attersee, travel through Slovenia from the mountains to the sea and a trip to the lakes in Italy continue reading

Ascent to Česká chata (Czech carriage 1543 m)

Duty for the Czechs in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps

| Altitude: 1 543 m / 5 062 ft

The Czech cottage (Slovenčina Češka koča) is located in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps above the mountain village of… continue reading

Vintgar Gorge Circuit with Lake Bled

Icons of Julian Alps

| Altitude: 504 m / 1 654 ft

Vintgar is one of the biggest and most famous attractions in Slovenia and it is really well known. The… continue reading

Road to Mangart

The highest road in Slovenia

| Altitude: 2 065 m / 6 775 ft

It is the highest road in Slovenia. A former military road built in the late 1930s in Italy, which was… continue reading

Gorge Martuljški waterfall

Road to the waterfalls

| Altitude: 862 m / 2 828 ft

The waterfalls Martuljški slap I. and Martuljški slap II., Are located in the gorge near the town of Gozd… continue reading

Triglav from Lake Bohinj

Autumn in the Julian Alps

| Altitude: 2 587 m / 8 488 ft

We decided to take advantage of the extended weekend in September and went to Slovenia to explore the… continue reading

Ascent to Pogačnikov Dom

View of the Bloody River valley

| Altitude: 2 033 m / 6 670 ft

Pogačnikov House is located near Trenta and is widely used by tourists and climbers. You can sleep on it and… continue reading

Ascent to Mangart

Feratou and Mangart

| Altitude: 2 626 m / 8 615 ft

Mangart (2677 m) is a border mountain between Slovenia and Italy. You can climb it by a simpler normal… continue reading

A trip around Lake Predil

Along a beautiful lake in the Julian Alps

| Altitude: 947 m / 3 107 ft

If you are traveling from Austria to Italy via Villach, it is good to leave the motorway in Tarvisio and take… continue reading

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