The most beautiful stages of the Gondogoro trek

The most beautiful hikes in the Baltoro Glacier area

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The most beautiful stages of the Gondogoro trek
Inserted: 30.10.2022
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The most beautiful region of Pakistan is the Karakoram Mountains. Here you will also find a breathtaking trek over the Gondogoro la saddle leading along the famous Baltoro glacier with a view of the highest mountains in the world including K2. Let's take a look at the most beautiful stages of this amazing trek.

Walk around Concordia

Trekkers paradise on earth

| Altitude: 4 595 m / 15 075 ft

After five days of intensive walk from Askole you come to a fabulous place Concordia (4595 m asl), situated… continue reading

Hike Goro II. - Concordia

Walk among the giants

| Altitude: 4 600 m / 15 092 ft

Gondogoro trek 5: Twelve kilometers between Goro II. camp and Concordia by air equal more than six hours long… continue reading

Hike across Gondogoro La pass

Climbing available for tourists

| Altitude: 5 625 m / 18 455 ft

Gondogoro trek 7: The most difficult part of the Gondogoro trek leads through the same pass bearing the same… continue reading

Hike Paiyu - Urdukas

Entrance to Baltoro glacier

| Altitude: 4 125 m / 13 533 ft

Gondogoro trek 3: The third day of Gondogoro trek you enter to a huge front moraine of Baltoro glacier and… continue reading

Hike Concordia - Ali camp

Path throw the Vigne valley

| Altitude: 4 958 m / 16 266 ft

Gondogoro trek 6: The last stage before crossing Gondogoro la pass is approximately six hour lasting ascent… continue reading

Hike Urdukas - Goro II

Along Masherbrum

| Altitude: 4 325 m / 14 190 ft

Gondogoro trek 4: People almost do not want to leave from the camp of Urdukas (4 050m asl.) renowned by… continue reading

Hike to BC K2

Trek under the second highest mountain in the world

| Altitude: 5 079 m / 16 663 ft

The hike to BC under one of the world's most difficult mountains K2 in Karakoram is the most famous side trip… continue reading

Hike Gondogoro la - Dalsangpa

Descent from the pass Gondogoro la

| Altitude: 5 625 m / 18 455 ft

Gondogoro trek 8: The descent from the pass Gondogoro la along the glacier bearing the same name is quite… continue reading

Hike Johla - Paiyu

To the moraine of Baltoro glacier

| Altitude: 3 400 m / 11 155 ft

Gondogoro trek 2: At the beginning of the second day of Gondogoro trek lasting about seven hours and 20km,… continue reading

Hike Dalsangpa - Hushe

Final stage of Gondogoro trek

| Altitude: 4 160 m / 13 648 ft

Gondogoro trek 9: Also during the final stage of Gondogoro trek is always something to look at. The way… continue reading

Hike Askole - Johla

Warming-up stage of Gondogoro trek

| Altitude: 3 150 m / 10 335 ft

Gondogoro trek 1: The first part of Gondogoro trek leads along a comfortable path through relatively arid… continue reading

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