The most beautiful Lévady in Madeira

Hikes along amazing irrigation canals

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The most beautiful Lévady in Madeira
Inserted: 28.12.2021
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One of the biggest tourist attractions on the beautiful island of Madeira are trips along the irrigation canals Levad. Amazing views, paths through lush forest, but also tunnels and waterfalls await you. Let's take a look at the most beautiful levadas on the island of Madeira

Levada Caldeirão Verde

After one of the most visited levads to the green paradise.

Altitude: 894 m / 2 933 ft

Crowds of tourists are probably not what a nature lover would look for. However, the high number of visitors… continue reading

Tour Levadou das Rabacas

A short walk with beautiful views

| Altitude: 1 007 m / 3 304 ft

Thanks to the irrigation system called levads, Madeira has a number of beautiful hiking trails with minimal… continue reading

Levada Hike 25 Fontes

From Rabacal to 25 springs

| Altitude: 1 230 m / 4 035 ft

One of the most beautiful levada tours in Madeira leads through mysterious tree heaths and laurel forest with… continue reading

Levada Nova and Levada do Moinho

Round trip through the valley of the river Ribeira da Ponta do Sol

Altitude: 298 m / 978 ft

Both levas are located in the same valley, on the same slope, just a few tens of meters above each other.… continue reading

Cabo Girão, Levada do Norte

On the highest coastal cliff of Madeira

Altitude: 447 m / 1 467 ft

Cabo Girão is a steep sea cliff about 9 km west of the center of Funchal, the capital of Madeira. The highest… continue reading

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