The most beautiful desert trips

Where to go for the most beautiful deserts in the world

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The most beautiful desert trips
Inserted: 01.11.2022
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Deserts are among the most inhospitable parts of the world, yet they have attracted people's interest in discovering its beauty since ancient times. The largest desert in the world is the Sahara in northern Africa, but you can find beautiful and diverse deserts practically all over the world. Let's take a look at trips to the most beautiful deserts in the world.

Trip to the desert of Wadi Rum

Dolomiti in orange desert

| Altitude: 1 050 m / 3 445 ft

Amazing orange desert Wadi Rum is somewhat unjustly in the shadow of Jordan's largest tourist magnet – rock… continue reading

Trip to Erg Chebbi

The most beautiful dunes in Morocco

| Altitude: 750 m / 2 461 ft

Erg Chebbi, the area of beautiful giant sand dunes in the south of the country near the border with Algeria… continue reading

A trip to the oasis and dunes near Dunhuang

The center of the Northern Silk Road

| Altitude: 1 146 m / 3 760 ft

In the province of Gansu, in the north of China, you will find the city of Dunhuang (1,150 m above sea level)… continue reading

White Sands National Monument

Good night, white beauty ...

| Altitude: 1 200 m / 3 937 ft

Somewhere far, hidden between the mountains, there is a bloody bride. It's all in white, as the brides are… continue reading

Trip to Wahiba Sands

The famous Omani sandy desert

| Altitude: 333 m / 1 093 ft

Wahiba Sands is a large sandy desert in eastern Oman. The best starting point for the desert is the city of… continue reading

Trip to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

An insight into the Pink Desert

| Altitude: 1 792 m / 5 879 ft

This park is located in the state of Utah and was created by erosion of pink colored sandstone due to the… continue reading

Mongolian sands

Sand dunes in the heart of Mongolia

| Altitude: 1 519 m / 4 984 ft

About half a day's drive in the northeast of the city of Bulgan in western Mongolia, the wind blows a hundred… continue reading

Riding Through The Valley Of Death

To the lowest place in North America

| Altitude: -86 m / -282 ft

Just because of its menacing name Death Valley, aka Death Valley, attracts a lot of travelers to visit. In… continue reading

Bike trip around San Pedro de Atacama

Cycling through the Atacama Desert

| Altitude: 2 525 m / 8 284 ft

For most tourists, the desert town of San Pedro de Atacama is just a starting point for the world-famous… continue reading

Drive Colchani - Hotel del Sal

The first steps in salar

| Altitude: 3 665 m / 12 024 ft

The jeeps are reaching in less than five kilometers one of the natural wonders of the world after leaving a… continue reading

Drive over Desierto de Dali

Surrealistic Altiplano

| Altitude: 4 700 m / 15 420 ft

Altiplans high mountain desert of Salvador Dali is a truly a quirk of nature. Colorful, intensely weathered… continue reading

Trip to the Dune du Pyla

The highest dune in Europe

Altitude: 71 m / 233 ft

Just about 70 kilometers southwest of the famous city – Bordeaux you will find the highest dune in Europe –… continue reading

Dunes in Khogno Tarna

Easily accessible sand dunes

| Altitude: 1 257 m / 4 124 ft

About 250 kilometers west of Ulaanbaatar lies the dune field Elsen Tasarkhai, which is relatively small in… continue reading

Hike around Tabernas desert

In the moonscape

| Altitude: 305 m / 1 001 ft

You can undertake a number of interesting short or long walks in the vast desert Desierto de Tabernas. Among… continue reading

Wydma Czołpińska

Sand dunes in the Baltic

| Altitude: 9 m / 30 ft

Sea. White sandy beaches, hundreds of meters wide, without long rows of umbrellas and reserved places.… continue reading

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