The most beautiful glaciers of the world

Touristically available glaciers

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The most beautiful glaciers of the world
Updated: 29.01.2019

For most people, the glaciers are just a place for climbers or polar bears. Here is a list of glaciers that you can simply visit or get on foot on a hike or trek. Ice beauty gets almost everybody.

Perito Moreno Glacier

The most famous Patagonian glacier

| Altitude: 300 m / 984 ft

Perito Moreno Glacier is without a doubt one of the biggest attractions of the Argentine side of Patagonia.… continue reading

Gray Glacier

The most famous glacier in Torres del Paine

| Altitude: 442 m / 1 450 ft

One of the most interesting places of the Torres del Paine National Park is the Gray Glacier – one of the… continue reading

Baltoro Glacier

Glacial highway covered with debris

| Altitude: 4 235 m / 13 894 ft

The Baltoro Glacier is with 63 kilometers of long one of the longest glaciers outside the Arctic region at… continue reading

Grande Glacier

The ornament of the Torre lagoon

| Altitude: 796 m / 2 612 ft

The highlight of the Torre lagoon hike is not only a stunning view of the mighty granite tower of Cerro Torre… continue reading

Biafo Glacier

A glacier leading to the mysterious Snow Lake

| Altitude: 4 192 m / 13 753 ft

Biafo Glacier is one of the longest glaciers outside the Arctic region. It is 67 kilometers long and is… continue reading

Aletschgletscher Glacier

Europe's largest glacier

| Altitude: 2 640 m / 8 661 ft

Aletschgletscher is the largest glacier in Europe, and in the Alps. It is 23 km long. It is located in the… continue reading

Glacier in Kilimanjaro

The fading ice gem on the equator

| Altitude: 5 858 m / 19 219 ft

On the top of Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain of Africa – you can still see the remnants of the beautiful… continue reading

Snow Lake

Mysterious lake in the heart of Karakoram

| Altitude: 4 714 m / 15 466 ft

Snow Lake is a gigantic high-altitude glacial basin at the top of the Biafo and Hispar glaciers in the heart… continue reading

Khumbu glacier

The most famous glacier in Nepal

| Altitude: 5 100 m / 16 732 ft

The most famous glacier in Nepal – Khumbu has only about twelve kilometers in length, which is not much… continue reading

Passu Glacier

18 km long glacier

| Altitude: 2 947 m / 9 669 ft

Only a short distance from the village of Passu is the scenic Passu Lake, where a huge glacier of the same… continue reading

Grenzgletscher Glacier

A glacier from Monte Rosa

| Altitude: 3 019 m / 9 905 ft

The Grenzgletscher glacier is adjacent to Gornergletscher, Zwillingsgletsher, Schwärzegletscher. Together, it… continue reading

Engilchek Glacier

The most famous glacier of Kyrgyzstan

| Altitude: 3 365 m / 11 040 ft

Kyrgyzstan is a very mountainous country, but on Engilchek Glacier you can really feel like you are at the… continue reading

Rhonegletscher Glacier

Famous glacier under Furka Pass

| Altitude: 2 787 m / 9 144 ft

Thanks to its good availability, the Rhonegletscher glacier is among the most visited glaciers. Here you will… continue reading

Glacier Pasterze

The largest glacier in Austria

| Altitude: 2 500 m / 8 202 ft

More than eight kilometers long glacier Pasterze is not only the largest glacier in Austria, but also… continue reading

Vatnajökull Glacier

The largest Icelandic glacier

| Altitude: 1 594 m / 5 230 ft

Vatnajokull is a glacier located in the southeast of Iceland. It is the largest glacier of the country and… continue reading

Glacier Ngozumba

The longest glacier in Nepal

| Altitude: 5 000 m / 16 404 ft

The longest glacier in Nepal – Ngozumba is more than 36 kilometers long. It twists from eight thousand meters… continue reading

Glacier of Jade Dragon

The southernmost glacier of the northern hemispher

| Altitude: 4 649 m / 15 253 ft

The southernmost glacier of the northern hemisphere is located in the Snowy Mountains of Jade Dragon (Julong… continue reading

Franz Josef Glacier

Beautiful glacier in the Westland National Park

| Altitude: 301 m / 988 ft

Franz Josef Glacier, together with the Fox Glacier, is one of the most famous glaciers in New Zealand. It… continue reading

Buarbreen Glacier

Offshoot of the huge glacier Folgefonna

| Altitude: 659 m / 2 162 ft

From the city of Odda you can take a variety of great hikes. One of them will take you to the Buerdalen… continue reading

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