The world's highest road passes

Road passes over 5,000 meters above sea level

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The world's highest road passes
Inserted: 11.11.2017
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The world's highest road passes can be found, without much surprise, in Tibet and Indian Ladakh. A lot of asphalt roads are constructed at heights more than five thousand meters above sea level. Almost every one of these passes offers a beautiful view of either the Himalayan eight-thousandthers or the slightly more flat tops of the Transhimalaya´s hi­lls. Driving along these roads, either by car or by bicycle, is one of the great experiences

Suge la pass

One of the world's highest road passes

| Altitude: 5 452 m / 17 887 ft

Suge la Pass (5,452m asl) is one of the world's highest motorized passes. You will find it in a deserted… continue reading

Chang La Pass

The highest road pass in Ladakh

| Altitude: 5 360 m / 17 585 ft

Chang La Pass (5 360 asl) is the highest road pass in Ladakh, over which leads a „normal“ road. Far better… continue reading

Khardung la Pass

False highest motorized pass in the worl

| Altitude: 5 359 m / 17 582 ft

Khardung la Pass (5 359 m asl) is probably the most famous Indian road pass, mainly due to the fact that it… continue reading

Taglang la Pass

The highest point of the road Manali-Leh

| Altitude: 5 328 m / 17 480 ft

Taglang la Pass (5 328 m asl) belongs among the three highest accessible road passes in Ladakh. It is also… continue reading

Gyatso la pass

Pass on the Tibetan plateau plain

| Altitude: 5 259 m / 17 254 ft

Despite its high altitude – 5,259 meters above sea level, the Gyatso Pass is relatively insignificant. It is… continue reading

Pang la Pass

Impressive view of the Himalayas

| Altitude: 5 206 m / 17 080 ft

Pang la pass (5,206m asl) is considered one of the most beautiful Himalayan viewpoints. So exactly the… continue reading

Laken la pass

View of Lake Namtso

| Altitude: 5 190 m / 17 028 ft

The perfect asphalt road, which leads from Damxung through the mountains to the sacred lake Namtso,… continue reading

Tong la pass

The highest point of the Friendship Road

| Altitude: 5 130 m / 16 831 ft

The Road of Friendship that connects Nepal and Tibet is culminating in the Tong la Pass (5,130m asl), which… continue reading

Lamna la pass

Pass in nomads county

| Altitude: 5 097 m / 16 722 ft

Lamna la pass (5,097m above sea level) does not located on a classical road, but on a gravel road for off… continue reading

Lalung la pass

Unimportant five-thousander

| Altitude: 5 020 m / 16 470 ft

Probably you will experience only in Tibet that the 5,000-meter high road pass is just a lonely place on the… continue reading

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