The most beautiful lakes of Asia

The best of the lakes of Asia

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The most beautiful lakes of Asia
Inserted: 21.12.2018
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In Asia, thanks to the high and wide range, you will find the most beautiful lakes of the world. Come and see the most beautiful of them

Attabad lake

The most beautiful lake in Pakistan

| Altitude: 2 341 m / 7 680 ft

Attabad lake in northern Pakistan confirms that mountains have their often dramatic life. It was founded only… continue reading

Pangong tso lake

Most beautiful lake in India

| Altitude: 4 250 m / 13 944 ft

On the border between India (Ladakh) and China (Tibet), is very beautiful Lake Pangong Tso (4250 m n. M.). It… continue reading

Baikal lake

The most beautiful lake in Russia


The deepest (maximum depth 1642m) and oldest lake in the world, in which is 20 000 km3 of water. It is about… continue reading

Tso Moriri Lake

Beautiful lake on Changtang plateau

| Altitude: 4 522 m / 14 836 ft

Lake Tso Moriri (4,527m asl) is a large lake on the Changtang plateau stretching from Tibet to Ladakh. The… continue reading

Tilicho Lake

Lake in the shadow of Himalayas

| Altitude: 4 916 m / 16 129 ft

If you walk away from the main circuit of the trek around Annapurnas and come to this magical lake, you will… continue reading

Köl Ükök lake

Amazing lake over Kochkor

| Altitude: 3 047 m / 9 997 ft

The biggest tourist attraction in the vicinity of town Kochkor is beautiful lake Köl Ükök (3 047 m asl). This… continue reading

Namtso Lake

Sacred Tibetan Lake

| Altitude: 4 729 m / 15 515 ft

Namtso (4,729m asl) /sometimes also written as Nam Co/ is the largest lake in the Tibetan Autonomous Republic… continue reading

Sonkol Lake

Lake belonging to herdsmen

| Altitude: 3 017 m / 9 898 ft

One of the biggest attractions of Kyrgyzstan is a huge lake Sonkol (3 017 m asl) with an area of 20×16… continue reading

Phoksundo Lake

The most beautiful Nepalese lake

| Altitude: 3 620 m / 11 877 ft

Lake Phoksundo, located in the Shey Phoksundo National Park, is considered to be the most beautiful Nepalese… continue reading

Ulagchiin Char Nuur lake

A marvelous lake in the middle of the desert

| Altitude: 1 981 m / 6 499 ft

In Dzavchan Ajmag, near the town of Zavchanmandal, at an altitude of 1980 meters, is located Lake Ulagchiin… continue reading

Lar Lake

Beautiful Lake under Damavand volcano

| Altitude: 2 475 m / 8 120 ft

The lake, or the Lar dam (2,475m above sea level), lies directly under the monumental volcano Dámavand. Most… continue reading

Lake Phewa

Mirror for Annapurnas

| Altitude: 800 m / 2 625 ft

The most famous Nepalese lake Phewa, on whose shore lies the tourist town of Pokhara, is famous for the… continue reading

Batur Lake

The most beautiful lake in Bali

| Altitude: 1 034 m / 3 392 ft

Batur Lake (1,034m asl) is the largest lake in Bali. It fills the eastern part of the giant caldera, above… continue reading

Dal Lake

The most famous lake in Kashmir

| Altitude: 1 581 m / 5 187 ft

Kashmir is famous for its magnificent mountain lakes. The largest and most famous Dal Lake is located within… continue reading

Chuvsgul Nuur Lake

The second largest Mongolian lake

| Altitude: 1 642 m / 5 387 ft

The volcanic lake is part of the Baikal Rift Ditch Zone, which originated 55 million years ago. Chuvsgul is… continue reading

Dead Sea

Deepest depression of the world

| Altitude: -415 m / -1 362 ft

The Dead Sea (- 415m) is an extremely salt lake and at the same time the deepest depression. From the Israeli… continue reading

Terchiin Cagaan Nuur Lake

The White Lake on the Terleh River

| Altitude: 2 054 m / 6 739 ft

In the middle of the Chorgo-Terchiin Cagaan National Park at 2054 m above sea level is located the beautiful… continue reading

Satpara lake

Iconic lake

| Altitude: 2 635 m / 8 645 ft

Only a short walk from the town of Skardu is the beautiful Lake Satpara. You will find it on the way to the… continue reading

Telmen Nuur Lake

Salt lake

| Altitude: 1 792 m / 5 879 ft

Telmen Nuur is a salt lake southwest of the Bulnai Mountains. It is located at an altitude of 1789 m, roughly… continue reading

Lake Issyk Kul

Kyrgyz Sea

| Altitude: 1 603 m / 5 259 ft

Huge lake Issyk-Kul (1 603m asl) where you feel almost like by the sea, is the second largest navigable high… continue reading

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