The most beautiful cliffs of Europe

The most beautiful coastline of Europe

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The most beautiful cliffs of Europe
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Europe, thanks to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, offers not only one of the most beautiful sea bathing in the world, but also the rugged coastline and some of the most beautiful cliffs in the world. Come and see the most beautiful cliffs Europe has to offer

Santorini caldera

One of Europe's most amazing cliffs

| Altitude: 341 m / 1 119 ft

One of the greatest attractions of Santorini is the huge caldera, which was created after the ancient volcano… continue reading

Capu Rossu

The most beautiful peninsula of Corsica

| Altitude: 331 m / 1 086 ft

Not far from the town of Piana you can hike to the amazing Peninsula Capu Rossu. The rock cliff is 331 meters… continue reading

Cliffs of Moher

The most massive cliffs of Ireland

| Altitude: 170 m / 558 ft

Cliffs of Moher, two hundred meters high cliffs, are among the most beautiful coastal passages in Europe. The… continue reading

Plakaki Rocks

The most beautiful rocks in Zakynthos

| Altitude: 1 m / 3 ft

If you take a narrow winding road from Agalas, you get to a place called Plakaki. From the viewpoints on both… continue reading

Los Gigantes cliffs

The largest cliffs of the Canary Islands

| Altitude: 443 m / 1 453 ft

One of the great attractions of Tenerife are more than 500 meters high cliffs of Los Gigantes – Giants. The… continue reading

Cliffs on Sao Lourenco Peninsula

The most beautiful cliffs of Madeira

| Altitude: 8 m / 26 ft

The peninsula of Sao Lourenco is a little different from the rest of Madeira, relatively dry and full of… continue reading

Cliffs at Praia da Ursa

God's Cliffs

| Altitude: 24 m / 79 ft

Just off the westernmost point of mainland Europe – the Cabo de Roca Cape, is one of the most interesting… continue reading

Seven Sisters cliffs

The most famous cliffs in England

| Altitude: 8 m / 26 ft

The white-high towering rocks are mostly the first to welcome visitors to the British Isles coming from the… continue reading

Cliffs at Bonifacio

The most beautiful cliffs of Corsica

| Altitude: 28 m / 92 ft

The ancient city of Bonifacio is renowned for its snow-white cliffs. You can see them from adjacent prospects… continue reading

Durdle Door

Famous rock arch on the Jurassic Coast

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Perhaps the most beautiful part of the English coast are snowy white cliffs near Lulworth town. The most… continue reading

Golden cliff in Westbay

Monumental cliff above the beautiful beach

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Westbay boasts with a small picturesque harbor, beautiful beach, but also with a huge golden-colored cliff… continue reading

Slieve League

Europe's highest cliffs

| Altitude: 407 m / 1 335 ft

At the western tip of Donegal you will find Europe's highest cliffs named after its highest point, the Slieve… continue reading

Cretaceous cliffs of Møns Klint

Even in Denmark you can find a picturesque landscape

| Altitude: 128 m / 420 ft

Møns Klint is over 6 km long coastal cliff formed by chalk. It is located in the east of the Danish island of… continue reading

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