The highest mountains of the Dolomites

The most beautiful and interesting peaks in the Dolomites

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The highest mountains of the Dolomites
Inserted: 11.11.2021
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The Dolomites are considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Amazing limestone massifs rise like pyramids or massifs above picturesque valleys and meadows. The local mountains do not reach breathtaking altitudes, but thanks to the large elevation, they definitely look monumental. Let's take a look at the highest and most beautiful mountains in the Dolomites.


The highest mountain of the Dolomites

| Altitude: 3 322 m / 10 899 ft

Marmolada (3,343 meters above sea level) is the highest mountain of the Dolomites and the only local peak… continue reading


The second highest mountain in the Dolomites

Altitude: 3 264 m / 10 709 ft

View of the mountain from the rubble above Scotter Cottage continue reading

Tofana di Rozes

The most beautiful peak of the Tofana massif

Altitude: 3 255 m / 10 679 ft

View of the wall of Tofany di Rozes continue reading

Piz Boé (3,152m asl)

The lightest 3,000-meter peak in the Dolomites

Altitude: 3 152 m / 10 341 ft

One of the simplest three-thousanders in the Dolomites is Piz Boé, the highest peak of a large massif. The… continue reading

Sassolungo (3 181m)

One of the most beautiful Dolomite massifs

Altitude: 3 181 m / 10 436 ft

Sassolungo (Langkofel) is not only one of the highest mountains in the Dolomites, but also one of the most… continue reading

Sass Rigais

The highest peak of the Odle / Geisler mountain ra

| Altitude: 2 008 m / 6 588 ft

Sass Rigais (3,025 meters above sea level), along with the neighboring Furchetta, is the highest mountain… continue reading

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

The most beautiful mountains in the Dolomites

| Altitude: 2 806 m / 9 206 ft

The rock peaks of Tre Cime di Lavaredo are a world-famous symbol of the Sexten Dolomites. These three towers… continue reading

View of Monte Paterno (2,744 m above sea level)

The most beautiful view of Tre Cime

Altitude: 2 744 m / 9 003 ft

It took us a long time before we decided to face destiny right between the tunnels and the sloping paths continue reading

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