Canary islands

La Palma

Exotics in the west of Canary Islands

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La Palma
Inserted: 08.03.2014
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La Palma is located in the western part of the Canary islands. Central part is dominated by massive volcanic caldera Caldera de Taburiente. Its steep walls create a fantastic scenery and rise up to the height of the highest peak Roque de los Muchachos (2 426 m asl). This ensures, like on Tenerife, the opportunity to get above the level of trade wind clouds. From the pass Cumbre Nueva, through which almost constantly overflow the clouds from the east to disappear soon almost miraculously, stretches the ridge of volcanic peaks to the very south. These are all very attractive trekking terrains. Some lava fields are not relatively old and originated several decades ago. Wine lovers will appreciate here the local rarity – the tea wine. Wine aged in barrels made of wood of Canary pine has an interesting taste of resinous tone. You can explore the local wine, wineries and winemakers by walk or bike along the marked wine paths.

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