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The most beautiful trips in the Highlands

What to see and visit in the Highlands

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The most beautiful trips in the Highlands
Inserted: 17.09.2020
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The Vysočina region located on the border of Bohemia and Moravia offers a lot of beautiful trips, both to the local towns and monuments, and to the beautiful nature not only around the river Sázava. Let's see what all the interesting things we can visit and do here

Visit of Zelena Hora

Santini's baroque jewel

| Altitude: 602 m / 1 975 ft

Church of St. John of Nepomuk built on Zelena Hora (“Green Mountain“) on the northern edge of Zdar nad… continue reading

A walk around Lipnice nas Sázavou

National Eavesdropping Monument

| Altitude: 590 m / 1 936 ft

Near Humpolec there is an ideal place for a quiet walk to the sights and nature. In the village of Lipnice… continue reading

Vesely Kopec

Open-air museum in Vysocina region

| Altitude: 550 m / 1 804 ft

Vesely Kopec (lit. “Merry hill”) is a settlement of scattered interesting houses from 19th and 20th century… continue reading

A tour of Pelhřimov

City monument reserve

| Altitude: 501 m / 1 644 ft

Pelhřimov – city monument reserve, exhibition square, part of the city walls with preserved three gates,… continue reading

Hitler's bridges

Flooded unfinished bridges on the railway

| Altitude: 384 m / 1 260 ft

Hitler's bridges began to be built during the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in 1939. When Hitler began… continue reading

NPR France

In a forest garden full of snowflakes

| Altitude: 550 m / 1 804 ft

This unique Czech is located near Ždírec nad Doubravou. Thanks to its flora, it grows on millions of these… continue reading

Ascent to the Nine Rocks from Křižánky

Ascent to the second highest mountain in the Vysočina region

Altitude: 814 m / 2 671 ft

Nine Rocks (836 m above sea level) is the highest peak of the Žďár Hills and the second highest in the entire… continue reading

Doubrava Valley

Czech Grand Canyon

| Altitude: 520 m / 1 706 ft

A unique canyon of the Doubrava river, which is located in the Vysočina region in the Železná hora Protected… continue reading

PR Velká and Malá Olšina, PR Hroznětínská louka

Wandering the snowflakes

| Altitude: 520 m / 1 706 ft

The Velká and Malá Olšina Nature Reserves and the Hroznětínská louka Nature Reserve are located on the edge… continue reading

Polom forest in the heart of the Iron Mountains

Home of the greats

| Altitude: 616 m / 2 021 ft

The primeval forest is located in the very heart of the Iron Mountains. The forest is divided into two parts,… continue reading


Chateau and memorial of FLRieger and F. Palacký

| Altitude: 396 m / 1 299 ft

Maleč Castle near Chotěboř was built in 1602 on the foundations of a medieval fortress in the late… continue reading

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