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A tour of Pelhřimov

City monument reserve

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A tour of Pelhřimov
Inserted: 19.06.2020
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Pelhřimov – city monument reserve, exhibition square, part of the city walls with preserved three gates, castle, museum of records and curiosities

Masaryk Square

the center of the historic center is Masaryk Square, which overlooks the tower of the Church of St. Bartholomew, which can be climbed and enjoy the view of the city and its surroundings

Masaryk Square
Author: Petr Liška ©

Castle and gothic church

The square is connected to the Renaissance castle with a turret on which is an astronomical clock and next door is the Gothic church of St. Bartholomew

Castle and gothic church
Author: Martin Javorský ©

Jihlava Gate

from the square, you can walk along Palackého Street to the Jihlava Gate, where the exposition of the Museum of Records and Curiosities is located

Jihlava Gate
Author: Martin Javorský ©
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