The most beautiful trips in Kyrgyzstan

What to see and visit in Kyrgyzstan

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The most beautiful trips in Kyrgyzstan
Inserted: 26.09.2020

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country in Central Asia, so most of your trips will definitely go to nature. Here you will find not only amazing treks, but also comfortable walks around the lakes in incredibly flowery meadows full of horses, cows and sheep. Let's see what you can visit and experience here

Trek to Lake Köl Ükök

March to the amazing lake

| Altitude: 3 470 m / 11 385 ft

The trek to Lake Köl Ükök is one of the most picturesque in Kyrgyzstan. From the semi-desert area around the… continue reading

A classic trip to Lake Sonkol

A trip to the magic lake

| Altitude: 3 900 m / 12 795 ft

One of the most classic, but still very nice, trips in Kyrgyzstan is to Lake Sonkol. The very road there,… continue reading

Karakol trek

The center of the national park

| Altitude: 3 700 m / 12 139 ft

Karakol trek is the shortest variant of trips to the Těrský Alatoo mountains. You will head directly to the… continue reading

Skazka Canyon

Death Valley in Kyrgyzstan

| Altitude: 1 629 m / 5 344 ft

From Karakol we return back to Bishkek by the southern route and visit the canyon of Skazka (perhaps known… continue reading

Ascent to Pik Uchitel

For the most accessible four thousand

| Altitude: 4 497 m / 14 754 ft

If you want to enjoy the view of the Himalayas and you do not have much time and experience walking on the… continue reading

Circuit around Bishkek

Interesting place around the capital of Kyrgyzstan

| Altitude: 748 m / 2 454 ft

If you have to stay in Bishkek for more than a day (one day I think is enough to see the attractions of this… continue reading

Bishkek tour

A show of socialist architecture

| Altitude: 755 m / 2 477 ft

The center of Bishkek is located around the main square of Ala-Too on both sides of the wide boulevard Chuy.… continue reading

Swimming in Cholpon Ata

Pohoda u Issyk-kulu

| Altitude: 1 602 m / 5 256 ft

Kyrgyzstan has a reputation as a tourist country for most tourists, but there are also many people (mostly… continue reading

A trip to the petroglyphs in Cholpon Ata

Interesting hiking north of the lake

| Altitude: 1 800 m / 5 906 ft

Cholpon Ata is famous mainly for swimming in the Kyrgyz Sea – Lake Issyk-Kul, but you can also take an… continue reading

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