The most beautiful trips in Jordan

The best of Jordan

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The most beautiful trips in Jordan
Inserted: 13.09.2020

In Jordan you can take a lot of really beautiful and diverse trips. There are interesting deserts with orange sand, ancient rock towns and canyons falling into the depths of the Dead Sea. In addition, interesting ancient monuments and castles. Come and see what is definitely worth a visit here.

Trip to the desert of Wadi Rum

Dolomiti in orange desert

| Altitude: 1 050 m / 3 445 ft

Amazing orange desert Wadi Rum is somewhat unjustly in the shadow of Jordan's largest tourist magnet – rock… continue reading

Rock town Petra

Amazing rock tombs

| Altitude: 1 000 m / 3 281 ft

The whole impressive rock town of Petra is carved into the hillsides and canyons of the mountains Jabal al… continue reading

Visit of Jerash (Gerasa)

Ancient town destroyed by earthquake

| Altitude: 600 m / 1 969 ft

Jerash (Gerasa) founded by Alexander the Macedonian had long been one of the most important towns in the… continue reading


Capital of Jordan

| Altitude: 830 m / 2 723 ft

If you arrive to Jordan by air, your first and last stop will probably be in Amman. It does not offer much… continue reading

Along the Dead Sea

Trip to the deepest depressions of the w

| Altitude: -415 m / -1 362 ft

You can get from the rock town Petra to Amman quickly along the Desert Highway. But more interesting, however… continue reading

Visit of Al Karak castle

Famous Crusader castle

| Altitude: 1 000 m / 3 281 ft

Famous Crusader castle Karak (sometimes also called Kerak) (1000 m asl) guards the valley leading to the Dead… continue reading

Trip to Aqaba

To the Red Sea

| Altitude: 20 m / 66 ft

For most travelers is Aqaba the beginning or end of their travel around Jordan. More than for foreign… continue reading

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