Trip to Aqaba

Trip to Aqaba

To the Red Sea

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Overcrowding: Bigger
Difficulty: Very gentle
Time: 1 Day

For most travelers is Aqaba the beginning or end of their travel around Jordan. More than for foreign tourists it is a magnet for holidaymakers from Amman, who spend here their weekends at the seaside. You can see the remains of the fort, nice mosque and seaside promenade. Swimming is better a few kilometers in the south in the Bay of Tala. If you like hiking, set out into the desert mountains just outside of town for panoramic views of both Aqaba and Israeli Eilat.


Article: Tour around Aqaba

Metropole of South Jordan

A tour of the Aqaba in southern Jordan will not take much time. Among the biggest attractions that are located here, are the remains of a medieval fortress and a snow-white mosque. However, you can swim in the Red Sea, or take a trip on a glass-bottom boat to coral reefs.  

Article: Tala Bay

Center of Jordan Riviera

Fifteen kilometers south of the center of Aqaba is Jordan's tourist residence - Gulf of Tala Bay. Five-star hotels surround here the yacht marina. Farther in the north there are large public beaches, where is far more privacy than in Aqaba. So women here do not have to be afraid to bathe in a bathing suit. Farther south there is only an industrial complex, refinery and border crossing to Saudi Arabia. Minibuses run from near the fort in Aqaba to Tala Bay or you can hitchhike there. You can go back the same way.

Other days...

There is not much to do except for the trips into the mountains behind the town, swimming and snorkeling. 

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