Along the Dead Sea

Along the Dead Sea

Trip to the deepest depressions of the w

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You can get from the rock town Petra to Amman quickly along the Desert Highway. But more interesting, however, is the route through the town Karak with the castle of the same name, and then descend into the depths of Wadi Araba and on along the Dead Sea. You can experience here renowned newspaper reading in the sea.


Article: Visit of Al Karak castle

Famous Crusader castle

Famous Crusader castle Karak (sometimes also called Kerak) (1000 m asl) guards the valley leading to the Dead Sea. In guidebooks it is referred to be one of the biggest attractions of the country, but in fact many travelers are quite disappointed. Nice views of the surroundings especially towards the Dead Sea are more interesting than the ruins of the castle itself and the adjacent modern town.

Article: Drive along the Dead Sea

Along the Dead Sea Landscape below sea l

Dead Sea (- 415 meters asl) is extremely salty drainless lake and the deepest depression on the continental land at the same time. There is a road leading around it from Israeli and Jordanian sides, which is worth passing as well. You will see here salty and arid landscape with only limited opportunities to swim. The reason for all this is very rapid drying of the lake, which is caused by pumping virtually all the water from the Jordan River for irrigation. On the Jordanian side are also famous canyons through which water pushed from upland plateaus down, for example Al Wadi Mujib and Wadi Mukheiris.

Article: Swimming in the Dead Sea

Swimming and reading newspaper in one

"Swimming" in the Dead Sea is an experience that should be experienced by every traveler at least once in his live. However, it is not much about swimming, but you can read here newspapers in the water, which you cannot experience elsewhere. There are not many access places to the sea on the Jordanian side, so you will probably need to use the services of one of the expensive resorts located at the northern end of this deepest depression on the continental land. As a bonus, you can daub mud on you, which has a healing effect on your skin.

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