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The most beautiful trips around Jičín

The best of Jičín and its surroundings

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The most beautiful trips around Jičín
Inserted: 18.02.2023
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Jičín, a small historic town, offers tours of its historic center as well as a whole range of trips in its immediate vicinity. As the eastern gateway to the Bohemian Paradise, it mainly goes from here to the famous Prachovské skaly, only 7 kilometers from the city. Let's see where to go in the vicinity of Jičín.

A trip to Prachovské skal

The most famous rock town


Prachovské skály is perhaps the most famous Czech rock town famous not only for the song by Ivan Mládek, but… continue reading

Visit of Jičín

Sights around the square Wallenstein

| Altitude: 270 m / 886 ft

All major sights that can be seen in Jicin, are located near a large Wallenstein Square and along the… continue reading

Ascent to Veliš

Outlook of the Czech Paradise

| Altitude: 429 m / 1 407 ft

Veliš hill (429 m asl) is the best and surprisingly little forgotten outlook point to Jičín basin, the Czech… continue reading

Ascent to Zebin

The most beautiful hill around Jicin

| Altitude: 399 m / 1 309 ft

Beautiful symmetrical hill Zebin (399 m asl) with interesting quarry and old chapel on the top dominates… continue reading

View from Valdice tower

View from the landmark of the town

| Altitude: 305 m / 1 001 ft

52 m high Valdice tower not only dominates Wallenstein Square, but basically the whole Jičín. It is also a… continue reading

Walk around hill Zebín

Around the most beautiful hill around Ji

| Altitude: 325 m / 1 066 ft

One of the most popular short trips from Jičín is the way around nice symmetrical hill Zebín lying just… continue reading

Ascent to Brada

New outlook of Czech Paradise

| Altitude: 439 m / 1 440 ft

Hill Brada (439 m asl) used to be a neglected stop during hikes in the Czech Paradise. That changed, however,… continue reading

A walk from Loggia to the Jewish Cemetery

A trip to the least visited Jičín monument

Altitude: 286 m / 938 ft

In the region of Jičín, below the Zebín hill, there is a well-known baroque monument Valdštejnská loggia.… continue reading

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