The most beautiful places in Slovenia

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The most beautiful places in Slovenia
Inserted: 04.04.2020

The most beautiful places of Slovenia can be found mostly in the north of the country, where the amazing Julian Alps are located. You will find such beautiful mountain scenery, waterfalls, as well as famous caves. Let's take a look at the most beautiful places in Slovenia

Triglav National Park

The most beautiful region of Slovenia


The Julian Alps of the Slovenian side offer a great number of beautiful places. There are many beautiful… continue reading

Lake Bled

The most beautiful lake of Slovenia

| Altitude: 476 m / 1 562 ft

Lake Bled, located in the north of Slovenia, is most famous and beautiful lake in this country. Thanks to the… continue reading

Boka Waterfall

The highest permanent waterfall in Slovenia

| Altitude: 685 m / 2 247 ft

Boka is the highest permanent waterfall in Slovenia. It offers the greatest spectacle in the spring months.… continue reading


Ski resort with a breathtaking view

| Altitude: 1 874 m / 6 148 ft

Vogel is a popular place over Lake Bohinj. It offers a beautiful view of the lake and its surroundings. At… continue reading

Vintgar gorge

The most visited gorge in Slovenia

| Altitude: 588 m / 1 929 ft

Slovenia's best-known and most visited gorge was discovered by the local mayor and cartographer Jakob Žumer… continue reading

Lake Bohinj

The largest lake in Slovenia

| Altitude: 527 m / 1 729 ft

Bohinj Lake is the largest lake in Slovenia. It is 4.35 km long and 1.25 km wide and the coast is 10.9 km… continue reading

Peričnik Waterfall

Breathtaking waterfall

| Altitude: 819 m / 2 687 ft

A waterfall that is unique in that you can go through it. That he could walk him behind the wall, which doesn… continue reading

Lago del Predil Lake

The largest lake in the Italian Julian Alps

| Altitude: 959 m / 3 146 ft

The beautiful Lake Lago del Predil (959m above sea level) is located in the Valle del Rio Valley. It is the… continue reading

Mangart pass with fortress Trdnjava Predel

Border Fortress of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

| Altitude: 2 065 m / 6 775 ft

The first mention of the fortress comes from 1808. It consisted of upper and lower parts. From 1880 it became… continue reading

Martian slap

Beautiful waterfall

| Altitude: 862 m / 2 828 ft

Waterfalls Martuljški slap I and Martuljški slap II. is located in a gorge near the town of Gozd Martuljek.… continue reading

Savica Waterfall

The most visited waterfall

| Altitude: 561 m / 1 841 ft

It is the most visited and probably the most famous waterfall in Slovenia. The lakeside path is the… continue reading

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