The most beautiful places in Podyjí - Thayatal

The best of NP Podyjí and NP Thayatal

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The most beautiful places in Podyjí - Thayatal
Inserted: 27.06.2023
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The most beautiful part of the Dyje river valley falls into two national parks – each lies on a different side of the river and belongs to a different state. To the north is Podyjí National Park and to the south is Thayatal National Park. Here you will find beautiful views of the river canyon as well as nice historical monuments in the form of castles and ruins. The historic part of the city of Znojmo lies on the very northeastern edge of the park. Let's see which are the most beautiful places to visit in both national parks.


City of wine over the Dyje river

| Altitude: 298 m / 978 ft

Znojmo is the second largest city in the South Moravian Region and the historic center of southwestern… continue reading

Vranov nad Dyjí Chateau

Beautiful castle above the Dyje

| Altitude: 375 m / 1 230 ft

The chateau is located in the western part of the Podyjí National Park and is a national cultural monument.… continue reading

Hardegg Castle

The most important castle in Thayatal National Park

Altitude: 317 m / 1 040 ft

The picturesque town of Hardegg and its dominant castle of the same name are among the most beautiful places… continue reading

Hardegg Lookout

The most famous viewpoint in Podyjí

Altitude: 400 m / 1 312 ft

Perhaps the most beautiful view of the entire Podyjí is the Hardegg view of the picturesque town of Hardegg… continue reading

Sealsfield Stone Lookout

A beautiful view of the Dyja not far from Znojmo

Altitude: 343 m / 1 125 ft

One of the most beautiful views of the entire Podyjí National Park is the Sealsfield stone. The Dyje flows… continue reading

Iron Curtain


| Altitude: 424 m / 1 391 ft

The Iron Curtain was built in 1951 to prevent people from escaping to the west. During its existence, it was… continue reading

Šobes vineyard

One of the oldest vineyards in the Czech Republic

Altitude: 277 m / 909 ft

It is said that the Šobes vineyard is the oldest in the Czech Republic. At the same time, the local wine is… continue reading

Šobes viewpoint

View of the weir at Gruber's mill

Altitude: 306 m / 1 004 ft

Above the famous Šobes vineyard, there is a very nice view of the Dyje canyon. Directly above the weir at the… continue reading

Šobésk suspension bridge

Hanging footbridge like in Nepal

Altitude: 249 m / 817 ft

In the Podyjí National Park, there are not many options to get across the Dyji River. One of the most… continue reading


Picturesque wine village

Altitude: 427 m / 1 401 ft

A good starting point to the western part of the Podyjí National Park is the picturesque wine-growing village… continue reading

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