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The most beautiful places in Ireland
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The „green island“ Ireland offers travelers a lots of beautiful places. Here you will find a wild mountain ranges modeled by glaciers with an incredible number of lakes and waterfalls. Irish very rugged coastline with stunning beaches and cliffs is also famous. You will also find here the great ruins of mysterious buildings from the early Christian period and still much older. There are also countless castles.

Cliffs of Moher

The most massive cliffs of Ireland

| Altitude: 170 m / 558 ft

Cliffs of Moher, two hundred meters high cliffs, are among the most beautiful coastal passages in Europe. The… continue reading

Giant's causeway

The greatest natural wonder of Northern Ireland

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Giant's Causeway, volcanic organ that lead to the sea. It is the largest natural and tourist attraction in… continue reading

Rock of Cashel Castle

The castle of Kings

| Altitude: 125 m / 410 ft

Rock of Cashel is one of Ireland's most important and oldest castles. Many kings lived here, and one of them… continue reading


Picturesque landscape at an ancient monastery

| Altitude: 135 m / 443 ft

Glendalough, set in a glaciered valley, is an example of the true Irish atmosphere – an ancient stone… continue reading

Gap of Dunloe Gorge

The most beautiful gorge of Ireland

| Altitude: 245 m / 804 ft

Gap of Dunloe is a mountain pass (245m above sea level) between two major Irish mountains – Purple Mountain… continue reading

Diamond Hill

Impressive prospect of Connemara

| Altitude: 442 m / 1 450 ft

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Ireland is a rugged region full of lakes, bays, marshes and mountains… continue reading

Kylemore Abbey

Impressive abbey

| Altitude: 43 m / 141 ft

At the northern end of the Connemara National Park, the imposing Kylemore Abbey is right on the lake. It does… continue reading

Blarney Castle

The most famous castle in Ireland

| Altitude: 40 m / 131 ft

Castle Blarney, because of its height as if it were in fairy tales. Next to it is a tall lonely tower and… continue reading

Ring of Kerry

Beautiful circular road

| Altitude: 70 m / 230 ft

The nearly 180-kilometer ring road of Kerry is one of the most famous and beautiful coastal roads you can… continue reading

Kilkenny Castle

Medieval castle with a beautiful garden

| Altitude: 57 m / 187 ft

Kilkenny is a small town with twenty thousand inhabitants. The main attraction of the city is a preserved… continue reading

Cahir Castle

Monumental Irish Castle

| Altitude: 45 m / 148 ft

One of the largest Irish castles is undoubtedly the Cahir built in the city of the same name. The castle is… continue reading

Ross Castle

A mighty tower castle

| Altitude: 18 m / 59 ft

The beautiful Ross Castle is one of the typical tower castles in Ireland with a massive dominant tower that… continue reading

The Isle of Carrick-a-Rede

Walk on unique rope bridge

| Altitude: 40 m / 131 ft

Beautiful bay Larrybane has not only amazing cliffs, but also a unique rope bridge leading to the small… continue reading

Mount Errigal

The dominance of the Glenveagh National Park

| Altitude: 752 m / 2 467 ft

At the northern end of the Glenveagh National Park, you can find a very impressive Mount Errigal (752m above… continue reading

Magilligan Point

Beautiful beach with cliffs

| Altitude: 55 m / 180 ft

Only a short distance from the city of Londonderry is a beautiful piece of coastline with endless beaches,… continue reading

Powerscourt Waterfall

The highest waterfall of Ireland

| Altitude: 338 m / 1 109 ft

The Powerscourt Waterfall, with its 121 meters high, is the highest waterfall in Ireland. He would certainly… continue reading

Ballymastocker Beach

Beautiful beach in Donegal

| Altitude: 3 m / 10 ft

In Northern Ireland, in the county of Donegal, there are many scattered islands. On one of these peninsulas –… continue reading

Sligo Abbey

The beautiful ruins of the medieval abbey

| Altitude: 8 m / 26 ft

The largest monument in Sligo is the ruins of a massive medieval abbey. Like almost every such Irish monument… continue reading

Mullaghmore head

The estate under the cliff

| Altitude: 15 m / 49 ft

On the Wild Altantic Way, which stretches along the entire West Coast of Ireland, we find breathtaking views… continue reading

Muckross House

Palace between two lakes

| Altitude: 30 m / 98 ft

Muckross House is picturesquely situated in beautiful landscapes near Lake Leane and Lake Muckross. An ideal… continue reading

Fair Head

The highest cliff on the North Coast

| Altitude: 154 m / 505 ft

Near the town of Ballycastle on the northern coast of Northern Ireland is a 150-meter tall cliff with an… continue reading

Barley Cove beach

Beautiful beach near Mizen Head

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Only a short distance from the southernmost place of Ireland – Mizen Head, is the beautiful beach of Barley… continue reading

Ballydonegan bay

Well-known bay on Beara Peninsula

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

One of Bear's most famous and beautiful bays is Ballydonegan Bay. The center of the bay is a vast beach… continue reading

The Burren

Irish karst plateau

| Altitude: 125 m / 410 ft

Just a short distance from the world-famous Cliffs of Moher extends special karst landscape of the Burren.… continue reading

Doo Lough Lake

Great lake among the mountains

| Altitude: 30 m / 98 ft

Lake Doo Lough lies in an impressive, rugged landscape between high peaks. The lake is beautiful even from… continue reading

Ballintoy Harbor

Iron islands of the series Game of Thrones

| Altitude: 5 m / 16 ft

The picturesque little harbor is on the way between the Giant's Causeway and the Rope Bridge on the northern… continue reading

Lough Veagh Lake

Entrance gate to Glenveagh Park

| Altitude: 39 m / 128 ft

In the center of Glenveagh National Park is the beautiful Lake Lough Veagh. This national park lies… continue reading

Molls Gap

View of the highest Irish mountains

| Altitude: 260 m / 853 ft

The Molls Gap mountain pass (260m asl) is the highest point of the beautiful ring road of Kerry. It is also a… continue reading

Dunguaire castle

Castle right by the sea

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Just a short distance from the city of Kinvarra, the pretty tower castle of Dunguaire is right on the… continue reading


The prehistoric complex

| Altitude: 65 m / 213 ft

The most important building in ancient Ireland is monumental Newgrange, built even before the pyramids of… continue reading

Muckross Abbey

Fortified Abbey

| Altitude: 29 m / 95 ft

Almost like every Irish medieval monument, there is a Muckross Abbey without a roof and looks more like a… continue reading

Slane Abbey

The Abbey of St. Patrick

| Altitude: 149 m / 489 ft

On the hill of Slane is perhaps the most interesting abbey ruins in Ireland – Slane Abbey. There are a lot of… continue reading

Fanad Head Lighthouse

Lighthouse in northern Ireland in Donegal

| Altitude: 4 m / 13 ft

The beacons have been used to navigate seafarers at sea since time immemorial. One such – Fanad Head… continue reading

Parke´s Castle

Castle at Lake Lough Gill

| Altitude: 10 m / 33 ft

Right next to the scenic Lough Gill is the beautiful Parke's castle. Unlike most Irish castles, this looks… continue reading


The capital city of Ireland

| Altitude: 5 m / 16 ft

Dublin city has almost two million inhabitants. Famous is mainly for its typical bars. The most significant… continue reading

Ruins of Dunluce Castle

A mighty castle on the cliff

| Altitude: 20 m / 66 ft

Dunluce Castle is built on a massive cliff and is accessible only by the bridge, making it virtually… continue reading


Capital and largest city of Northern Ireland

| Altitude: 6 m / 20 ft

Industrial city Belfast is the center of Northern Ireland. It has over three hundred thousand inhabitants.… continue reading

Horn Head

Beautiful peninsula in Donegal

| Altitude: 144 m / 472 ft

One of the many peninsulas that make up the diverse west coast of Ireland is the North Horn Head. This small… continue reading

Doe castle

Medieval castle in Donegal

| Altitude: 5 m / 16 ft

Doe Castle is a medieval 16th-century castle in the county of Donegal, in the very north of Ireland, located… continue reading

Megalitic place Carrowmore

Instead of ancient tombs and dolmen

| Altitude: 49 m / 161 ft

Only one kilometer from Sligo is one of Ireland's most significant megalithic sites – Carrowmor. Unlike the… continue reading

Dunbeg Fort

Ruins of fortress over massive cliffs

| Altitude: 14 m / 46 ft

Dunbeg Fort lies on the beautiful Irish peninsula of Dingle. Most of the fortress, due to erosion, has long… continue reading

Ruins of the church in Gowran

Beautiful medieval stone church

| Altitude: 67 m / 220 ft

The small town of Gowran is mainly visited by tourists thanks to the St. Mary church, which looks more like a… continue reading

Old Bushmills Distillery

Legendary producer of Irish whiskey

| Altitude: 20 m / 66 ft

If you want to know how to make true three-times distilled Irish whiskey, you can visit, for example, the… continue reading

Leamaneh Castle

The ruin of mighty castle tower

| Altitude: 62 m / 203 ft

At the western end of the marvelous landscape The Burren is a massive ruin of a castle Leamaneh. The ruins… continue reading

Glencar Waterfall

Waterfall from the Benbulbin cliff in Donegal

| Altitude: 70 m / 230 ft

In the northwest of Ireland, in the county of Leitrim, there is a rural area divided by several mountain… continue reading


Cemetery with unique Celtic crosses

| Altitude: 119 m / 390 ft

Monasterboice, one of the earliest Christian settlements in Ireland, it is interesting by a huge Celtic… continue reading

The Dark Hedges

Place from the series The Game of the Throne

| Altitude: 77 m / 253 ft

Alley filled with more than 30 tall 2-cent-old trees lined the way that the serial actors of the Games of the… continue reading

Portrush - East Strand beach

Ideal beach for long walks

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

The East Strand Beach is located in the north of Northern Ireland, along the picturesque harbor town of… continue reading

Old Mellifont Abbey

The ruins of picturesque abbey

| Altitude: 60 m / 197 ft

If you visit the ancient Old Mellifont Abbey you can see here, unfortunately only ruins. Anyway, it's a… continue reading

Streedagh Point

Paradise for surfers

| Altitude: 11 m / 36 ft

In the northwest of Ireland, in Sligo, we find this marvelous natural phenomenon, Streedagh Point, which… continue reading

Killahoey Beach

The magical Irish beach in Donegal

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

In Northern Ireland, in Donegal County, near Horn Head, you will find the charming Killahoey Beach, as it is… continue reading

Gallarus Oratory

An ancient Christian church

| Altitude: 33 m / 108 ft

On the beautiful Dingle Peninsula, one of the oldest Christian buildings in Ireland – Gallarus Oratory – is… continue reading

Island Roy View

View of Roy Island

| Altitude: 31 m / 102 ft

There are several scattered islands and peninsula in the county of Donegal in the very north of Ireland. Some… continue reading

Brownshill dolmen

The heaviest stone

| Altitude: 87 m / 285 ft

Brownshill Dolmen is famous for its top stone, which is considered the most massive in Europe with a weight… continue reading

Enniscrone beach

Beautiful beach in the west of Ireland

| Altitude: 2 m / 7 ft

Ireland is made up of green pastures laced with sheep and an endless coastline that is surrounded by sea or… continue reading

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