The most beautiful lakes of the world

The most scenic wonders of nature

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The most beautiful lakes of the world
Inserted: 21.12.2016
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Already since time immemorial, lakes for humans were the source of drinking water and fish. For travelers and tourists are one of the most beautiful places that our planet offers. Reflections of the mountains on the lake surface are paradise for photographers and eyes romance. Here we bring you a list of lakes that you should not miss on your travels.

Attabad lake

The most beautiful lake in Pakistan

| Altitude: 2 341 m / 7 680 ft

Attabad lake in northern Pakistan confirms that mountains have their often dramatic life. It was founded only… continue reading

Pangong tso lake

Most beautiful lake in India

| Altitude: 4 250 m / 13 944 ft

On the border between India (Ladakh) and China (Tibet), is very beautiful Lake Pangong Tso (4250 m n. M.). It… continue reading

Laguna Colorada

The most beautiful lake of Bolivia

| Altitude: 4 290 m / 14 075 ft

Red Laguna Colorada belongs among one of the biggest attractions of this part of Bolivia. You will admire… continue reading

Titicaca Lake

The most famous lake in South America

| Altitude: 3 820 m / 12 533 ft

This fabulous lake is situated at an altitude of 3 820 meters above sea level. It is often stated as the… continue reading

Baikal lake

The most beautiful lake in Russia


The deepest (maximum depth 1642m) and oldest lake in the world, in which is 20 000 km3 of water. It is about… continue reading

Chungara lake

Chile's Lake Jewel

| Altitude: 4 561 m / 14 964 ft

Highly lying, the large Chungara Lake (4,561 meters above sea level) is one of the most beautiful… continue reading

Tilicho Lake

Lake in the shadow of Himalayas

| Altitude: 4 916 m / 16 129 ft

If you walk away from the main circuit of the trek around Annapurnas and come to this magical lake, you will… continue reading

Köl Ükök lake

Amazing lake over Kochkor

| Altitude: 3 047 m / 9 997 ft

The biggest tourist attraction in the vicinity of town Kochkor is beautiful lake Köl Ükök (3 047 m asl). This… continue reading

Atitlan Lake

The deepest lake in Central America

| Altitude: 1 558 m / 5 112 ft

Lake Atitlan (1 558 m asl) is a real gem not only in Guatemala but throughout Central America. Caldera of… continue reading

Namtso Lake

Sacred Tibetan Lake

| Altitude: 4 729 m / 15 515 ft

Namtso (4,729m asl) /sometimes also written as Nam Co/ is the largest lake in the Tibetan Autonomous Republic… continue reading

General Carrera lake

| Altitude: 202 m / 663 ft

On the border between Chile and Argentina lies the beautiful Lake General Carrera (other name Lago Buenos… continue reading

Lago Nordenskjold

The most picturesque lake in Torres del Paine

| Altitude: 65 m / 213 ft

Directly below the monumental towers of Cuernos del Paine lies the beautiful glacier lake Lago Nordenskjold.… continue reading

Plitvice Lakes

The most famous lakes of Europe

| Altitude: 523 m / 1 716 ft

Plitvice Lakes are the most famous national park in Croatia. You will find here beautiful lakes, wonderful… continue reading

Sonkol Lake

Lake belonging to herdsmen

| Altitude: 3 017 m / 9 898 ft

One of the biggest attractions of Kyrgyzstan is a huge lake Sonkol (3 017 m asl) with an area of 20×16… continue reading

Lake of the Tasman glacier

The lake at the end of the longest glacier

| Altitude: 781 m / 2 562 ft

The longest glacier in New Zealand is Tasman glacier, which is long with 27 kilometers. The glacier is… continue reading

Moraine Lake

Fairy Lake in the Rocky Mountains in Canada

| Altitude: 1 881 m / 6 171 ft

Moraine Lake lies at an altitude of approximately 1885 meters in Valley of the Ten Peaks, in the Banff… continue reading

Nakuru lake

Kenyan animal paradise

| Altitude: 1 755 m / 5 758 ft

In Central Kenya you will find very interesting Lake Nakuru. Not that it so beautiful by their surroundings,… continue reading

Lar Lake

Beautiful Lake under Damavand volcano

| Altitude: 2 475 m / 8 120 ft

The lake, or the Lar dam (2,475m above sea level), lies directly under the monumental volcano Dámavand. Most… continue reading

Lake Phewa

Mirror for Annapurnas

| Altitude: 800 m / 2 625 ft

The most famous Nepalese lake Phewa, on whose shore lies the tourist town of Pokhara, is famous for the… continue reading

Peyto Lake

Pearl of the Rocky Mountains

| Altitude: 1 875 m / 6 152 ft

From a great number of beautiful lakes of the Canadian Rockies, this really excels. Perhaps it could be the… continue reading

Finstaler lake

The most beautiful dam in Austria

| Altitude: 2 330 m / 7 644 ft

Lake Finstertaler is a typical mountain dam with a small hydroelectric power plant. However, it is… continue reading

Lake Misurina

The famous lake in the Dolomites

| Altitude: 1 745 m / 5 725 ft

Lake Misurina is a large mountain lake situated in fairytale Dolomites. Thanks to the beauty of the… continue reading

Pukaki Lake

A huge lake created by the glacier

| Altitude: 446 m / 1 463 ft

The Great Lake Pukaki is renowned for its beautiful color and in good weather condition with a stunning view… continue reading

Lake Bled

The most beautiful lake of Slovenia

| Altitude: 476 m / 1 562 ft

Lake Bled, located in the north of Slovenia, is most famous and beautiful lake in this country. Thanks to the… continue reading

Phoksundo Lake

The most beautiful Nepalese lake

| Altitude: 3 620 m / 11 877 ft

Lake Phoksundo, located in the Shey Phoksundo National Park, is considered to be the most beautiful Nepalese… continue reading

Wakatipu Lake

The longest lake in New Zealand

| Altitude: 215 m / 705 ft

Wakatipu Lake is the longest in New Zealand. You will find here beautiful beaches, tempting to swim, and the… continue reading

Bunyonyi Lake

Ugandan pearl

| Altitude: 1 946 m / 6 385 ft

Lake Bunyonyi lies at an altitude of almost two thousand meters above sea level. it is among the most… continue reading

Ulagchiin Char Nuur lake

A marvelous lake in the middle of the desert

| Altitude: 1 981 m / 6 499 ft

In Dzavchan Ajmag, near the town of Zavchanmandal, at an altitude of 1980 meters, is located Lake Ulagchiin… continue reading

Königsee Lake

The most famous German lake

| Altitude: 603 m / 1 978 ft

Lake Königsee is located in the center of national park Berchtesgaden. Lake water belongs to the cleanest… continue reading

Batur Lake

The most beautiful lake in Bali

| Altitude: 1 034 m / 3 392 ft

Batur Lake (1,034m asl) is the largest lake in Bali. It fills the eastern part of the giant caldera, above… continue reading

Mono Lake

Lake with fairytale towers

| Altitude: 1 946 m / 6 385 ft

Mono Lake is a salt lake in California. Due to the drop in water level, the tufa tower rise. This towers can… continue reading

Dal Lake

The most famous lake in Kashmir

| Altitude: 1 581 m / 5 187 ft

Kashmir is famous for its magnificent mountain lakes. The largest and most famous Dal Lake is located within… continue reading

Lake Powel

The most beautiful dam lake in USA

| Altitude: 1 096 m / 3 596 ft

Powel Lake was created by flooding the spectacular Glenn Canyon in Utah and Arizona. Nowadays, the lake has… continue reading

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