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Augustinian monastery
Inserted: 24.04.2022
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But first we will see the Augustinian monastery, which looks completely different from the north than from the south from the wine terraces

A tour of the Lysá nad Labem chateau

A neglected castle of a famous city

| Altitude: 217 m / 712 ft

The castle was created by renaissance reconstruction of the original Gothic castle in the 16th century, which… continue reading

Tour of Lysá nad Labem

City with a beautiful castle

Altitude: 190 m / 623 ft

Lysá nad Labem is mainly known for its exhibition grounds, but you can also take a nice sightseeing tour here… continue reading

A tour of Stará Boleslav

City tour of St. Wenceslas

| Altitude: 172 m / 564 ft

One of the most important places of pilgrimage in the Czech Republic – Stará Boleslav – stands right next to… continue reading

Tour of Přerov nad Labem

A small town full of attractions

| Altitude: 183 m / 600 ft

Přerov nad Labem is a village in the district of Nymburk. Archaeological finds document the settlement of the… continue reading

A tour of Brandýs nad Labem

A small town with a nice castle

Altitude: 188 m / 617 ft

Brandýs nad Labem can be found right next to the D10 motorway exit. It is the southern part of the… continue reading

Ascent to Přerovská Hůr

Witness times long past

Altitude: 236 m / 774 ft

From Přerov nad Labem you can go for a short walk to the local table mountain Přerovská Hůra (237 m above sea… continue reading

Milovice Nature Reserve

A journey into times long past

Altitude: 200 m / 656 ft

In earlier times, countless amazing creatures roamed our planet, which can rarely be seen today where or even… continue reading

A tour of Benátky nad Jizerou

A small town with a historic center above the Jizera

Altitude: 242 m / 794 ft

Right next to the highway connecting Prague with Mladá Boleslav you will find the small town of Benátky nad… continue reading

A short hike from Přerov nad Labem

A pleasant walk through the Elbe

Altitude: 180 m / 591 ft

Přerov nad Labem is an ideal starting point for a walk through the landscape of the Elbe – you will see not… continue reading

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