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The most famous rock formation on the island of La Graciosa

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Rock arch
Inserted: 25.07.2022
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Since we are only half way through the planned circuit and we must not miss the last boat back to Lanzarote, even though we don't like to get up and go on our bikes, we ride up a hill to a small seat under the volcano and then drive through the arid desert landscape to the north coast. After 2.5 km we arrive at a crossroads, where a few bikes are already lying around and there is even a parked jeep. There is no sign here, but we know from the map that a little way down the path there is a large rock arch above the sea. After about two hundred meters of walking along a rocky desert path, we arrive at this local attraction. It is about a thirty-meter-long rocky chasm, which is decorated with a beautiful natural stone arch at the point of contact with the open sea. The roar of the waves rolling through the gap and hitting the rocks reminds us once again of the enormous power of the ocean. We carefully lean over the edge of the rock and try to photograph this extraordinary natural spectacle.

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