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The most beautiful places of the Canary Islands

The best of the Canary Islands

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The most beautiful places of the Canary Islands
Inserted: 26.07.2022
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The Canary Islands are a volcanic exotica between Europe and Africa. Here you will find a varied landscape of both volcanic deserts and misty forests. Black volcanic beaches, but also with yellow Sahara sand. Dramatic mountain hinterland and picturesque towns and villages. In addition, beautiful gorges, gigantic cliffs and other beautiful rock formations. Let's take a look at the places that are definitely worth visiting in the Canary Islands.

Volcano Pico de Teide

The highest mountain in Spain

| Altitude: 3 718 m / 12 198 ft

The Canary Islands belong more to Africa than Europe, and although there is the highest mountain of Spain –… continue reading

Dunes in Maspalomas

Walk through the sand dunes

Altitude: 15 m / 49 ft

The sand dunes in the south of the island of Maspalomas are a great attraction not to miss when visiting Gran… continue reading

Mirador del Espigón del Roque

The most famous viewpoint on the island of La Palma

Altitude: 2 396 m / 7 861 ft

Mirador del Espigón del Roque is the most famous viewpoint on the island of La Palma. You can find it not far… continue reading

Masca Gorge

The most beautiful gorge in Tenerife

| Altitude: 558 m / 1 831 ft

Masca gorge is, after ascent of Pico del Teide, most famous tourist feat that you can take on Tenerife. Here… continue reading

Roques Nublo

Rock landmark of Gran Canaria

Altitude: 1 703 m / 5 587 ft

The dominant feature that most visitors to the Canary Island Gran Canaria come to see is the Roque Nublo rock… continue reading

Starting point

Volcanic National Park in Lanzarote

Altitude: 269 m / 883 ft

We drive along the LZ-56 road in a northerly direction to the town of Mancha Blanca. You can't miss the… continue reading

Los Gigantes cliffs

The largest cliffs of the Canary Islands

| Altitude: 443 m / 1 453 ft

One of the great attractions of Tenerife are more than 500 meters high cliffs of Los Gigantes – Giants. The… continue reading

Roques de Garcia

The most beautiful rock formations in Tenerife

| Altitude: 2 140 m / 7 021 ft

Rock pinnacles Roques de Garcia is one of the most visited places in the National Park of Las Canadas del… continue reading

Rock arch

The most famous rock formation on the island of La Graciosa

Altitude: 6 m / 20 ft

Since we are only half way through the planned circuit and we must not miss the last boat back to Lanzarote,… continue reading

Mogán Beach

Beach at the cliffs

Altitude: 3 m / 10 ft

When traveling around Gran Canaria, head along the south bank to the end of the motorway to Purto de Mogán.… continue reading

Alto de Guajara

Spectacular panoramic view of the Las Cañadas

| Altitude: 2 718 m / 8 917 ft

This dominant mountain is located on the northern flank of the vast caldera, Las Cañadas on Tenerife.… continue reading

Monte Taborno

The most beautiful rocky peak of Tenerife

| Altitude: 418 m / 1 371 ft

Monte Taborno (706m above sea level) or Matterhorn of Tenerife is a beautiful rocky peak in the northern part… continue reading

Playa de las Conchas

The most beautiful beach on the island of La Graciosa

Altitude: 4 m / 13 ft

Playa de las Conchas is considered the most beautiful beach on the island of La Graciosa. It is approximately… continue reading

Barranco del Infierno gorge

Devil's gorge

| Altitude: 444 m / 1 457 ft

Tenerife is mainly famous of gorge Masca, but also the Devil's Gorge – Barranco del Infierno is very… continue reading

Playa Amadores

The most famous beach on the island of Gran Canaria

Altitude: 2 m / 7 ft

The beach at Amadores is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Gran Canaria. It is very large, lined… continue reading

Pico Viejo

The second highest mountain in Tenerife

| Altitude: 3 003 m / 9 852 ft

Although the Pico Viejo volcano (3,135 m above sea level) is to the second highest in Tenerife, it has the… continue reading

Punta de Teno

Mysterious coast with lighthouse

| Altitude: 27 m / 89 ft

On the westernmost tip of the island of Tenerife is a beautiful lighthouse, rocky volcanic coast overlooking… continue reading

Misty forest of mountains range of Anaga

The green part of Tenerife

| Altitude: 664 m / 2 178 ft

In the north of Tenerife you will find a completely different area from the rest of the island – the… continue reading

Teresitas beach

The most beautiful beach in Tenerife

| Altitude: 1 m / 3 ft

Playa de las Teresitas is considered the most beautiful beach in Tenerife. Here is the golden sand brought… continue reading

Arid island

The highest mountain of the island of La Graciosa

Altitude: 267 m / 876 ft

There are only a few desert bushes around the sandy path. After about 1.5 km of gentle ascent, we reach the… continue reading

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