The most beautiful trips to the southwest of Uganda

What to visit in Uganda

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The most beautiful trips to the southwest of Uganda
Inserted: 26.03.2021
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Southwest Uganda offers the best you can visit in this country. High mountains, volcanoes and beautiful national parks allow you to see even rare mountain gorillas. Let's see what you definitely visit here

Safari in Kazinga channel

The biggest concentration of hippos in A

| Altitude: 950 m / 3 117 ft

One hundred and ten kilometers south of Fort Portal the road overcomes nearly forty kilometers long channel… continue reading

Bwindi National Park

Visiting mountain gorillas

| Altitude: 2 320 m / 7 612 ft

Bwindi National Park is located in southwestern Uganda, where part of the boundaries of the park is the… continue reading

Ascent to volcano Sabyinyo

Mountain on the border of three states

| Altitude: 3 645 m / 11 959 ft

Most tourists come to National Park Mgahinga because of the very rare mountain gorillas. But you can also… continue reading

Trip to Semuliki NP

Lowland tropical forest under Ruwenzori

| Altitude: 660 m / 2 165 ft

National park Semuliki is for average tourist not as attractive as large group of hippos in Queen Elizabeth… continue reading

Trip to Lake Bunyonyi

The most beautiful lake in Uganda

Altitude: 1 946 m / 6 385 ft

In the southwest of Uganda you will find the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi (1,948 m above sea level). According to… continue reading

Safari around Lake Nkuruba

Small kingdom of monkeys

| Altitude: 1 520 m / 4 987 ft

The Great Rift Valley stretching through the entire East Africa has around Fort Portal character of small… continue reading

Life in Kisoro

Typical African town with a colorful mar

| Altitude: 1 930 m / 6 332 ft

The town of Kisoro is located just a short distance from the border triangle of Uganda, Rwanda and the… continue reading

Drive Kisoro - Kabale

Picturesque way through Kanaba Gap

| Altitude: 2 344 m / 7 690 ft

The main road from Kabale to Kisoro (about 70 km) and on to the border with Congo is not only an important… continue reading

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