The most beautiful trips on Lake Titicaca

What to visit at Lake Titicaca

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The most beautiful trips on Lake Titicaca
Inserted: 19.02.2021
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Lake Titicaca belongs to half of Bolivia and half of Peru. It is a very beautiful lake with picturesque surroundings and a number of islands with a distinctive culture. In many ways, it looks more like an inland sea. Let's see what beautiful trips you can take here

Crossing the island of the Sun.

Hike through the birthplace of the Incas

| Altitude: 4 003 m / 13 133 ft

Crossing the island of the Sun is perhaps the most classic hike you can take around Lake Titicaca. Along the… continue reading

Ascent to Cerro Calvario

Outlook of Copacabana

| Altitude: 3 975 m / 13 041 ft

One of the two most popular places for walks in the nearby surroundings of Copacabana is the ascent to the… continue reading

Trip to the reed islands of Uros

Open-air museum in the open air

| Altitude: 3 815 m / 12 516 ft

Lake Titicaca is probably most famous for the floating reed islands inhabited by the Uru Indian tribe. Their… continue reading

Trip to Taquile Island

A unique culture in the middle of Lake Titicaca

| Altitude: 3 930 m / 12 894 ft

The island of Taquile is one of the three main islands on Lake Titicaca (another important is Amantani and… continue reading

Hike from Copacabana to the island of the Sun.

Beautiful walk along the shores of Lake Titicaca

| Altitude: 3 916 m / 12 848 ft

One of the most popular trips from Copacabana is a cruise to the island of the Sun. It is much more… continue reading

Tour of Copacabana

Starting point for Titicaca

| Altitude: 3 858 m / 12 657 ft

Lake Titicaca is a popular destination for travelers to Bolivia and Peru. The starting point for it on the… continue reading

Cruise to the island of the Sun.

Cruise to the sacred island

| Altitude: 4 024 m / 13 202 ft

A cruise to the island of the Sun is a comfortable start to the whole trip to this sacred island. The most… continue reading

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