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The most beautiful trips in the Moravian Karst

What to see and visit in the Moravian Karst

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The most beautiful trips in the Moravian Karst
Inserted: 17.11.2020
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The Moravian Karst is the most important karst area in the Czech Republic. Trips will take you here mainly to the local beautiful caves and abysses. In addition, there are a number of interesting valleys = gutters, with which you can set off on longer circuits

Tour of Punkva Cave and Macocha

The biggest attractions of the Moravian Karst

| Altitude: 378 m / 1 240 ft

There is probably no bigger attraction in the Moravian Karst than a trip to the Punkva Cave and the huge… continue reading

A tour of the Catherine's Cave

The largest accessible dome in the Czech Republic

Kateřinská Cave lives in the shadow of Macocha and its Punkva Cave. It was opened to the public in 1910. The… continue reading

Trip to NPR Býčí skála

Autumn in the Moravian Karst

Altitude: 346 m / 1 135 ft

The road from Babice nad Svitavou to Adamov will show us not only the beauties of autumn nature, but will… continue reading

Macocha Walk - Punkva Spring

The road between the most famous places of the Moravian Karst

| Altitude: 474 m / 1 555 ft

The most classic trip in the Moravian Karst is a visit to the Macocha and Punkve Caves. Part of this trip is… continue reading

A walk through the empty gutter

Walk through the karst canyon

| Altitude: 378 m / 1 240 ft

There are about 1000 caves in the Moravian Karst. Tourists are especially attracted by the abyss Macocha and… continue reading

Tour of Balcarka Cave

Stalactite decoration

Altitude: 447 m / 1 467 ft

It is located on the island of Macocha. It has been known since time immemorial. It has been explored in its… continue reading

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