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The most beautiful trips in South Moravia

Where to go on a trip to South Moravia

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The most beautiful trips in South Moravia
Inserted: 22.05.2020
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South Moravia is the dream of every lover of wine and relaxed tourism. Picturesque hiking trails wind through the vineyards and in front of your eyes you have beautiful limestone Pálavské hills. Let's see what you can do here for beautiful trips, both on foot and by bike

Pavlovské vrchy

Spring walk a little different

| Altitude: 306 m / 1 004 ft

Pavlovské vrchy form an elongated ridge between Pavlov and Mikulov and are the most conspicuous part of the… continue reading

Bike trip Znojmo classic

By bike to the Vranov dam

| Altitude: 317 m / 1 040 ft

This cycling trip will take you mainly around the Vranov dam – ie. around Vranov Castle, the ruins of… continue reading

Pouzdřanská steppe

One of the best views of Pálava

| Altitude: 179 m / 587 ft

Not only vineyards and rolling fields, but also steppe landscape can be found in the landscape between Brno… continue reading

Bike trip to NP Podyjí

By bike to Podyjí

| Altitude: 286 m / 938 ft

Podyjí National Park has been the only Moravian national park since 1991 and, with its area, the smallest NP… continue reading


Circuit with views not only of Pálava

| Altitude: 243 m / 797 ft

Zaječí in the district of Břeclav has over 1400 inhabitants. Wine lovers as well as cyclists and tourists,… continue reading

Janičův vrch quarry and Svatý kopeček

Interesting places near Mikulov

| Altitude: 235 m / 771 ft

If you often travel to the south of Europe or to the Alps and set off from the eastern part of the republic,… continue reading

A small forest to Pouzdřany

Walk through the floodplain forest

| Altitude: 179 m / 587 ft

The area lies in the Dyjsko-svratecká floodplain, south of the village Vranovice, in the area between the… continue reading

Přísnotický and Knížecí forest

A paradise for lovers of blue frogs

| Altitude: 182 m / 597 ft

An easy trip south of Brno to the floodplain forest, interwoven with meanders and wetlands of the river… continue reading

Bobrava Valley

Attractive valley within reach of Brno

| Altitude: 269 m / 883 ft

The deep forested valley of Bobrava, through which flows the meandering river of the same name, was declared… continue reading

A tour of the gardens of the Milotice chateau

Baroque chateau located in the village of Milotice

| Altitude: 185 m / 607 ft

Milotice Chateau is an interesting romantic stop while driving through vineyards in southern Moravia. It… continue reading

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