The most beautiful trips from Boží Dar

The best trip in the south of the Ore Mountains

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The most beautiful trips from Boží Dar
Inserted: 17.07.2021
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Boží Dar is one of the most popular places in the Ore Mountains. No wonder, but in its vicinity are the highest peaks of this mountain range – Klínovec and Fichtelberg with ski resorts. From here you can go cycling, hiking, or even to visit the castles on the Saxon side of the mountains. Let's see what trips to take from God's Gift


The highest mountain and the largest ski area in the Ore Mountains

Altitude: 1 244 m / 4 081 ft

Klínovec (German Keilberg) is at an altitude of 1244 meters above sea level [the highest peak of the Ore… continue reading

A walk through Božídarské peat bog

After the largest peat bog in the Ore Mountains

| Altitude: 1 000 m / 3 281 ft

Božídarské peat bog is the largest peat bog in the Ore Mountains. You can see it well if you set out from… continue reading

Trip to Fichtelberg

To the highest peak of the German Ore Mountains

| Altitude: 1 215 m / 3 986 ft

Fichtelberg (1,215 m above sea level) is the highest mountain in the German part of the Ore Mountains. At one… continue reading

Trip to the Zschopau valley

A trip to the foothills of the Saxon Ore Mountains

| Altitude: 340 m / 1 115 ft

If you want to enjoy a combination of nice mountain views, beautiful valleys and monuments in the form of… continue reading

Red pit

The largest mining depression in the Ore Mountains

Altitude: 999 m / 3 278 ft

Červená jáma is a mining depression (pinka), which is part of a historic mine in the district of Hřebečná,… continue reading

Wolf pits

Pits with eternal snow

| Altitude: 1 008 m / 3 307 ft

Wolf pits are located in the Ore Mountains near the village of Horní Blatná, below the Blatenský Vrch lookout… continue reading

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