Trip to the Zschopau valley

A trip to the foothills of the Saxon Ore Mountains

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Trip to the Zschopau valley
Inserted: 09.09.2018
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If you want to enjoy a combination of nice mountain views, beautiful valleys and monuments in the form of castles and picturesque towns, a trip to the Zschopau valley is the right choice.

From Fichtelberg to the valley

The ideal starting point for this car trip is Boží Dar. From here, it is only a short walk to Saxony's highest mountain, Fichtelberg, where the river Zschopau springs. The road from the ridge of the Ore Mountains leads through the larger town of Annaberg-Buchholz finally to the valley of the river Zschopau

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Castles in the Zschopau valley

Followed by a drive through the picturesque river valley with a visit to interesting castles such as Wolkenstein, Scharfenstein and finally the capital of the valley – Zschopau, also with the castle

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Visit to Chemnitz

From Zschopau it is only a short distance down the highway to Saxon Kamenice (Chemnitz), where you can spend a pleasant afternoon before returning to the starting point of the trip. In total, count on 140 kilometers

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