The most beautiful places in Peru

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The most beautiful places in Peru
Inserted: 18.11.2016
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Perú is not only a very beautiful but also a very diverse country. You will find here not only beautiful ice-covered mountains, but also volcanoes or deep canyons. Travelers are also interested in the wonderful Inca monuments or the great Lake Titicaca.

Machu Picchu

The most famous monument of South America

| Altitude: 2 458 m / 8 064 ft

Machu Picchu is undoubtedly the most iconic place of Peru and perhaps all of South America. Not only famous… continue reading


The most beautiful mountain in Peru

| Altitude: 5 947 m / 19 511 ft

Because Alpamayo looks like an impossibly beautiful glacier pyramid, it is ranked among one of the most… continue reading

Titicaca Lake

The most famous lake in South America

| Altitude: 3 820 m / 12 533 ft

This fabulous lake is situated at an altitude of 3 820 meters above sea level. It is often stated as the… continue reading

Colca Canyon

One of the deepest canyons in the world

| Altitude: 2 169 m / 7 116 ft

Colca Canyon, with its 3,270 meters of depth is one of the deepest canyons of the world. His character… continue reading

Yanayacu lagoon

Lake overlooking Nevado Chopicalqui

| Altitude: 4 523 m / 14 839 ft

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the Punta Yanayacu Pass trek is the Yanayacu Lagoon. On its… continue reading

Floating islands Uros

An interesting tribe on Lake Titicaca

| Altitude: 3 815 m / 12 516 ft

Only a short distance from the large town of Puno, situated on the shores of Lake Titicaca, you can see the… continue reading


The most beautiful city of Peru

| Altitude: 3 247 m / 10 653 ft

Cuzco (often also written as Cusco) has almost half a million inhabitants. It is, in fact, the largest… continue reading

Oasis of Huacachina

An oasis in the Peruvian desert

| Altitude: 401 m / 1 316 ft

Just a few kilometers west of the great city of Ica is a desert with huge dunes and picturesque oasis… continue reading

Cullicocha Lagoon

Beautiful lake below Santa Cruz Massif

| Altitude: 4 620 m / 15 157 ft

On a trek around the beautiful Alpamayo Mountain you will find a number of beautiful lakes. One of the most… continue reading


Metropolis of southern Peru

| Altitude: 2 350 m / 7 710 ft

Arequipa with one million inhabitans is located in the southern city of Perú. This city is the starting point… continue reading

Jatuncocha Lagoon

The most beautiful lagoon in the Huaytapallana

| Altitude: 4 580 m / 15 026 ft

During a trip to the Huaytapallana Mountains, you will find a number of very beautiful lagoons. The most… continue reading

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Inca monuments in the Urubamba valley

| Altitude: 2 938 m / 9 639 ft

The center of the famous Inca Empire was located in the so-called Sacred Valley, an area in the Urubamba… continue reading

Mantaro River Canyon

Peruvian Wild West

| Altitude: 2 186 m / 7 172 ft

Center of the Perú is little crowded by tourists. It offers beautiful canyons like in the wild west and very… continue reading

Volcano El Misti

Beautiful volcano over Arequipa

| Altitude: 5 822 m / 19 101 ft

One of the most beautiful volcanoes in Perú is undoubtedly the El Misti volcano (5,822 m above sea level)… continue reading

The mysterious Nazca Lines

Gigantic ancient calendar?

| Altitude: 430 m / 1 411 ft

One of the most mysterious places in Peru, or the entire world with its gigantic Nazca figures in the… continue reading

Source of the Amazon

The source of the largest river in the world

| Altitude: 5 141 m / 16 867 ft

In the midst of the deserted Peruvian Altiplana, at an altitude of 5,140 meters above sea level, the Amazon… continue reading

Islas Ballestas

The islands bursting with bird guano

| Altitude: 25 m / 82 ft

Besides the desert peninsula of Paracas, near the town of Pisco there is a small interesting archipelago –… continue reading


Magic Valley just outside Arequipa

| Altitude: 2 722 m / 8 930 ft

Near the city of Arequipa, west of the mighty Chachani Volcano, lies the very beautiful Yura Valley. This… continue reading


Capital of Perú

| Altitude: 161 m / 528 ft

Lima is the main and largest city in Perú. With its ten million inhabitants it is one of the largest in the… continue reading

Paracas peninsula

Desolate region with yellow cliffs

| Altitude: 3 m / 10 ft

Only a short distance from the city of Pisco is located the interesting peninsula of Paracas. The interior is… continue reading

Yuraccocha Lagoon

Lagoon below the massif of Santa Cruz

| Altitude: 4 640 m / 15 223 ft

Lagoon Yuraccocha (4 640 m asl) is one of the less frequently visited lagoons because it does not lie… continue reading


The town of 33 churches

| Altitude: 2 752 m / 9 029 ft

The picturesque town of Ayacucho, located practically in the middle of the country, is renowned for 33… continue reading


The city guarded by Jesus

| Altitude: 2 952 m / 9 685 ft

Small town Huanta is located in a wide, relatively fertile valley. Is renowned for being a huge statue of… continue reading

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