The most beautiful places in northern Tanzania

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The most beautiful places in northern Tanzania
Inserted: 25.09.2021
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Ascent to Kilimanjaro

Ascent to Kilimanjaro via Machame

Altitude: 5 826 m / 19 114 ft

Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa, the highest free-standing mountain in the world. All this is a great… continue reading

Trip to Ngorongoro

A visit to an animal paradise

Altitude: 1 807 m / 5 928 ft

It should be noted at the outset that a distinction must be made between the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and… continue reading

Safari Serengeti


continue reading

The Hadza tribe

Tribe of hunters and gatherers

Altitude: 1 027 m / 3 369 ft

Tanzania currently has about 120 different tribes of people who differ in tradition, culture and language … continue reading

Safari Tarangire

An ideal safari for elephant lovers

Altitude: 1 014 m / 3 327 ft

The safari in Tarangire National Park, along with Lake Manyara National Park, is a bit in the shade of the… continue reading

Lake Manyara Safari

Visit a safari in Tanzania's smallest national park

Altitude: 958 m / 3 143 ft

National park with a name derived from Lake Manyara, which makes up about two thirds of its area. The park is… continue reading

Materuni Waterfall

... and the Kilimanjaro coffee plantation

continue reading

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