The most beautiful places in Asia

The best of nature in Asia

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The most beautiful places in Asia
Inserted: 15.11.2017
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Asia is the largest continent in the world. It offers an incredibly large number of beautiful natural places. You will find the highest mountains, beautiful lakes, unreal rock spikes or plateaus

Kala Patthar

The most beautiful outlook of the world

| Altitude: 5 648 m / 18 530 ft

Kala Patthar is only insignificant grassy mountain with rocky top lying on the ridge falling sharply from… continue reading


The most beautiful outlook of Pakistan

| Altitude: 4 594 m / 15 072 ft

One of the most beautiful mountain views of the world is the Concordia camp at the confluence of the glaciers… continue reading

Attabad lake

The most beautiful lake in Pakistan

| Altitude: 2 341 m / 7 680 ft

Attabad lake in northern Pakistan confirms that mountains have their often dramatic life. It was founded only… continue reading

Wadi Rum desert

The most beautiful desert of Jordan

| Altitude: 993 m / 3 258 ft

Orange desert of Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts of the world. You can find here orange sand… continue reading

Hunza Valley

The most beautiful valley of Pakistan

| Altitude: 2 059 m / 6 755 ft

One of the most spectacular valleys of the world lies in northern Pakistan. Hunza river there broke through… continue reading

Pangong tso lake

Most beautiful lake in India

| Altitude: 4 250 m / 13 944 ft

On the border between India (Ladakh) and China (Tibet), is very beautiful Lake Pangong Tso (4250 m n. M.). It… continue reading

Volcano Gunung Semeru

The highest volcano of Java Island

| Altitude: 3 676 m / 12 060 ft

Gunung Semeru (3 676m) is one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in the world. At the same time it is… continue reading

Tilicho Lake

Lake in the shadow of Himalayas

| Altitude: 4 916 m / 16 129 ft

If you walk away from the main circuit of the trek around Annapurnas and come to this magical lake, you will… continue reading

Railay Beach

Real Thai Paradise

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Railay beach is one of the most beautiful places in Krabi, Thailand. The beach surrounds the high karst rocks… continue reading

Rice terraces in Batad

Rice terraces that will take your breath away

| Altitude: 808 m / 2 651 ft

Batad is a village in the middle of the mountains, boasting with beautiful rice terraces. It is a UNESCO… continue reading

Sonkol Lake

Lake belonging to herdsmen

| Altitude: 3 017 m / 9 898 ft

One of the biggest attractions of Kyrgyzstan is a huge lake Sonkol (3 017 m asl) with an area of 20×16… continue reading

Rice fields in Sapa

Rice fields under the mountains

| Altitude: 634 m / 2 080 ft

Under the tallest Fan Si Pan mountains in Vietnam you will find the Sapa town. Near the town are the… continue reading


Natural wonder under the Roman baths

| Altitude: 348 m / 1 142 ft

Almost in all of the prospectuses that appeal to visit Turkey include photos of Pamukkale „Cotton“ Castle.… continue reading

Baikal lake

The most beautiful lake in Russia


The deepest (maximum depth 1642m) and oldest lake in the world, in which is 20 000 km3 of water. It is about… continue reading

Tiger Leaping Gorge

China's deepest gorge

| Altitude: 2 082 m / 6 831 ft

Among the massive mountain ranges Haba and Jade Dragon Tiger Gorge is an impressive gorge. It is considered… continue reading

Köl Ükök lake

Amazing lake over Kochkor

| Altitude: 3 047 m / 9 997 ft

The biggest tourist attraction in the vicinity of town Kochkor is beautiful lake Köl Ükök (3 047 m asl). This… continue reading

Baltoro Glacier

Glacial highway covered with debris

| Altitude: 4 235 m / 13 894 ft

The Baltoro Glacier is with 63 kilometers of long one of the longest glaciers outside the Arctic region at… continue reading

Rub' al Khali Desert

The largest continuous desert of the world

| Altitude: 82 m / 269 ft

The Rub al-Khalí Desert, known as Empty Quarter, is the world's largest continuous desert. It occupies most… continue reading


The most beautiful area of Turkey


Cappadocia is one of the most fairytale areas in the world – bizarre tuff chimneys of all shapes and colors… continue reading

Ha Long Bay

The most beautiful area of Vietnam


One of the biggest attractions of Vietnam and the coast of Asia is the Ha Long Bay. There are thousands of… continue reading


Sacred Lion Rock

| Altitude: 262 m / 860 ft

Sigiriye is an impressive table mountain, one of the most famous tourist sites in Sri Lanka. There are also… continue reading


The highest volcano of Asia

| Altitude: 5 610 m / 18 406 ft

Damavnad (5,610m) is not only the highest mountain in Iran, but also the highest volcano in Asia. Therefore,… continue reading

Namtso Lake

Sacred Tibetan Lake

| Altitude: 4 729 m / 15 515 ft

Namtso (4,729m asl) /sometimes also written as Nam Co/ is the largest lake in the Tibetan Autonomous Republic… continue reading

Rondu Canyon

The most beautiful canyon of the Indus river

| Altitude: 1 963 m / 6 440 ft

The river Indus (Sindhu) during its long journey through plateaus, Karakoram and Himalayas mountains flows… continue reading

Volcano Great Ararat

Biblical mountain

| Altitude: 5 156 m / 16 916 ft

Great Ararat (5 156 m asl) / Agri Dagi / is not only a huge volcano, the highest mountain in Turkey, but also… continue reading


The most beautiful area of China


Near the city of Wulingyuan there are four beautiful national parks, where you can admire the incredibly high… continue reading

Flaming mountains in Turfan

The desert like Mars

| Altitude: 126 m / 413 ft

Turfan and adjacent Turpan Depression is the lowest place in China found to –154 meters below sea level. The… continue reading

Lake Phewa

Mirror for Annapurnas

| Altitude: 800 m / 2 625 ft

The most famous Nepalese lake Phewa, on whose shore lies the tourist town of Pokhara, is famous for the… continue reading

Taroko Canyon

Marble gorge

| Altitude: 85 m / 279 ft

Taroko canyon is narrow sometimes only a few meters. Through it passes the Japanese military road through… continue reading


Island of Chocolate Hills

| Altitude: 253 m / 830 ft

Bohol Island is frequently visited mainly for its unique nature peculiarities. Iconic are mainly for famous… continue reading

Mount Agung

The highest mountain and the volcano of the island

| Altitude: 3 031 m / 9 944 ft

Mount Agung is the highest mountain and the highest volcano on the island of Bali. Ascent to the volcano is… continue reading

Skazka Canyon

Death Valley in Kyrgyzstan

| Altitude: 1 629 m / 5 344 ft

From Karakol we return back to Bishkek by the southern route and visit the canyon of Skazka (perhaps known… continue reading

Dunes near Dunhuang

Desert with a magical oasis

| Altitude: 1 147 m / 3 763 ft

Between the Taklamakan and Gobi deserts lies on the route of the former Silk Road city of Dunhuang. To the… continue reading

Batur Lake

The most beautiful lake in Bali

| Altitude: 1 034 m / 3 392 ft

Batur Lake (1,034m asl) is the largest lake in Bali. It fills the eastern part of the giant caldera, above… continue reading

Khumbu glacier

The most famous glacier in Nepal

| Altitude: 5 100 m / 16 732 ft

The most famous glacier in Nepal – Khumbu has only about twelve kilometers in length, which is not much… continue reading

Desert around Yazd

Desert with mountains

| Altitude: 2 010 m / 6 594 ft

Almost all the Iran is filled two huge desert Lut and Kavir. About their interfaces is an ancient city of… continue reading

Kali Gandaki valley

The deepest valley in the world

| Altitude: 2 552 m / 8 373 ft

Kali Gandaki has a reputation of the deepest valley in the world. By the village Larjung (at an altitude of… continue reading

Dal Lake

The most famous lake in Kashmir

| Altitude: 1 581 m / 5 187 ft

Kashmir is famous for its magnificent mountain lakes. The largest and most famous Dal Lake is located within… continue reading

Passu Glacier

18 km long glacier

| Altitude: 2 947 m / 9 669 ft

Only a short distance from the village of Passu is the scenic Passu Lake, where a huge glacier of the same… continue reading

Annapurna Base Camp

Base Camp under the monumental wall

| Altitude: 4 122 m / 13 524 ft

The path to the Annapurna I base camp is one of the most classic and most visited treks from Pokhara. From… continue reading

Maya Bay

The most famous beach in Thailand

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Maya Bay beach is hidden in one of the bays uninhabited island of Ko Phi Phi Le. On this beach enacted the… continue reading

Pang la Pass

Impressive view of the Himalayas

| Altitude: 5 206 m / 17 080 ft

Pang la pass (5,206m asl) is considered one of the most beautiful Himalayan viewpoints. So exactly the… continue reading

Suru Valley

The most beautiful valley in Ladakh

| Altitude: 3 183 m / 10 443 ft

The valley of the Sur River is considered to be the most beautiful valley of the whole area of Ladakh. It is… continue reading

Volcanic lake Meke Gölü

The volcano and lake in the crater

| Altitude: 989 m / 3 245 ft

The biggest attraction in the surroundings of Karapinaru is bizarre volcanic lake Meke Gölü. From the center… continue reading

Phoksundo Lake

The most beautiful Nepalese lake

| Altitude: 3 620 m / 11 877 ft

Lake Phoksundo, located in the Shey Phoksundo National Park, is considered to be the most beautiful Nepalese… continue reading

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