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Way through Tibet
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Typical hiking trails through Tibet lead mainly in its southeastern part with the capital Lhasa, where stands the imposing Potala Palace and other memorable cities Shigatse and Gyantse. Along the way you will also see the beautiful lake Namtso or the world's highest mountain Mount Everest. You will be driving over more than five thousand meters high mountain passes, so non-acclimatized tourists can have problems with altitude sickness here.  

Journey to Tibet

The most common option of getting to Tibet is by air directly to the capital Lhasa. Much more interesting is the option to arrive here by train from Golmud, which overcomes several passes, the highest of which Tanggula (5 072 m asl) is also the highest place in the world, where the train comes. The third usual option is the road travel from Nepal along Friendship highway. Journeys on land are sometimes combined with flying back or vice versa. This itinerary describes the most interesting option, during which you will not return the same way and you do not have to fly at the same time – i.e. there by train and then by road to Nepal. It can therefore be used within longer journeys around Asia between China, Nepal and India.

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Tour around Lhasa and the surrounding area

The next two days awaits you Lhasa and its interesting surroundings, including Potala, monasteries Jokhang and Sera. Stay in Lhasa serves also as a basic acclimation to the local heights, especially if you arrived by plane.

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Lhasa and surroundings

Namtso and Suge la

The next two days within your Tibet tour awaits you beautiful lake Namtso and then an alternative way over the pass Suge la to another Tibetan architectural pearls – towns Gyantse and Shigatse. Of course, if you would not be bound to a limited time permit, it would be ideal to extend the stay in this area of six thousand meters high mountains in Nyenchen Tanglha mountain range.

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Major towns in the valley of Nyang Chu

This day awaits you Gyantse and Shigatse. If you persuade the guide, you can try to visit some of the wide range of ruins in the valley of Nyang Chu. In the evening you can move over five thousand meters high Gyatso la pass to Tingri Dzon really within reach of Everest.

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Amazing Himalayan day

For lovers of mountains is this day the best during the journey around Tibet. You can expect crossing of the pass Pang la, from where is stunning view of the huge part of Himalayan ridge and trip to BC Everest. In this area you can considerably extend the trip by treks to ABC Everest or to Cho Oyu. Otherwise, you must count with the way back to Lhasa in the late afternoon or descent to the Nepalese border.

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