Lhasa and surroundings

Lhasa and surroundings

The capital of Tibet

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Overcrowding: Large
Difficulty: Gentle
Time: 2 Days

The capital of Tibet, Lhasa (3 660 m asl) is for most travelers also the gateway to this interesting province – however, if you have not arrived by train from Golmud or along Friendship highway from Nepal. It lies in the valley of river Lhasa surrounded on both sides by the ridges of high mountains. Its biggest symbol is Potala Palace on the Red hill Marpo Ri. The second significant place is Jokhang – old town situated less than two kilometers away with Barkhor path around the holiest temple of Tibet. Other interesting sights such as Norbulingka, the summer residence of Dalai Lama and Sera Monastery are more distant from the town center. Lhasa is unfortunately gradually becoming modern Chinese town, so there are increasingly more and more sterile housing estates.


Day 1

Seeing the center of Lhasa

Once you accommodate, set out to explore the holiest places in Lhasa – Jokhang monastery. Walk around the entire complex together with pilgrims from all over Tibet along the street Barkhor. Then head out towards Potala. After a kilometer of the walk straight ahead to the west you reach the park with ponds, in which is this amazing building beautifully mirrored. It is ideal also for night photography. Cross the wide square with a strange memorial „about the peaceful liberation of Tibet“ to the monastery of Palpa Lupuk stuck directly to the rock. From there, you can walk to the summer residence of Dalai Lama – Norbulingka. You can get back to the town along the river Lhasa.

Article: Visit of Lhasa

The capital of Tibet

You will probably begin the tour around the capital of Tibet, Lhasa (3 660 m asl) by walking around its center, which is considered to be Jokhang Temple. Through the streets of old Lhasa you get below the landmark of the town Potala, in which is a number of attractions. Within walking distance, although a little bit longer from the center, is still interesting Norbulingka. The surrounding neighborhoods are newly built unified settlement, which is not worth a visit.

Day 2

Potala and Sera monastery

The second day awaits you a long visit to the biggest symbol of Tibet – Potala. After seeing it, you can still walk around it and do such a pilgrimage kora. Set out to the Sera monastery in the north of the town in the afternoon. If you are lucky, you can undertake also a very nice hike to the mountains from there.

Article: Visit of Potala

Beautiful residence of Dalai Lama

If Kailash is the most sacred mountain of Tibet,Potala Palace in Lhasa is then its symbol. Amazing thirteen-storey building stands on the Red hill Marpo Ri right in the middle of the town. The red religious palace perched at the top center contrasts with white secular buildings. If you have been captivated by Buddhist architecture of Tibetan style during your travels, so Potala is the best, even though surrounding modern boulevards and strong military and police presence throughout Lhasa damage the atmosphere The view of it is beautiful not only during the day but also at night when it is full of lights that reflect in the surrounding ponds.

Article: Visit of Sera monastery

Important monastery in the north of Lhas

Sera Monastery (3 700 m asl) is one of the three most important Gelupka university /Buddhist school/ monasteries in Tibet and it is also just a few kilometers from the center of Lhasa, so it is frequent destination of circuit trips around the country. The monastery is relatively very large (400 x 500 meters) and there are a lot of monks. In addition, from there you can set out for semi-illegal hike to the mountains above the monastery.

Article: Hike around Sera monastery

Short trek above Lhasa

Even within the wide tour around Lhasa you can make a nice short mountain hike. During the trip to Sera monastery on the very north end of town, you can quietly sneak away from the assigned guide and set out into the mountains above it. This trip is beautiful not only with its views across a wide valley and Potala Palace on the horizon, but also with visit to a small monastery high in the mountains.

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