Trip to Gyantse and Shigatse

Trip to Gyantse and Shigatse

Pearls of southern Tibet

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Time: 1 Day

In the wide and very fertile valley of Nyang Chu is located the second and third historically most important Tibetan towns Shigatse and Gyantse with beautiful monasteries Palcho and Tashilhunpo. If you do not have enough time, you can manage to see the two towns in just one day. But if you want to get to various outlooks around, count at least with two days.


Article: Visit of Palcho Gompa

Tibetan pearl in Gyantse

When you say Tibet, most people think first of Dalai Lama or majestic Potala in Lhasa. But the most beautiful monastery, typical Tibetan architecture and majestic fort, however, can be found in Gyantse (4 030 m asl). All this is surrounded by beautiful countryside. In addition, local old town is relatively distant from new parts, so there is much nicer atmosphere than for example in Khasa or Shigatse. The center of the old town is formed by the monastery Palcho Gompa (sometimes called also Pelkhor Chode) surrounded by high walls, in the middle of which is situated Kumbum - the largest chorten throughout Tibet.

Article: Visit of Bainang

Old fortress above the valley

The most of tourists pass the one hundred kilometer long road between Gyantse and Shigatse along the river Nyang in one pull. Over the road, however, raises several old ruins of local castles with stunning view to the fertile green valley, which is worth at least a short trip. One of them is a small village with monastery and ruins dzong near the bigger town Bainang.  

Article: Hike over Shigatse

Fabulous view of the monastery and fortr

Most tourists visit only two main places in Shigatse - panchen lama monastery Tashilhunpo and the old fort, which looks like a miniature of Potala in Lhasa. The most interesting, however, is the ascent to the outlook ridge above the town, from where you have a great view of the town. Without any doubt, this trip is the best activity you can undertake in this second largest Tibetan town.

Article: Drive Shigatse - New Tingri

The way over pass Gyatso la

Two hundred and fifty kilometers from Shigatse (Xigaze) to New Tingri (Shekar Dzong) does not belong among most interesting roads in Tibet, even though you will overcome on this route five thousand high pass Gyatso la (5 259 m asl) on the map sometimes referred to as Jiao Tsuo la. Anyway, you will get closer to the Himalayan ridge with monumental Mount Everest at the forefront. Except for the agricultural valley surrounded by long ridges can be seen here monument highlighting the 5 000 km of the road 318 leading here from Shanghai.

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